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  • mp_beaudoin mp_beaudoin Feb 4, 2011 3:02 PM Flag

    A Teva long

    I am long Teva (40.00 early 2008). When MNTA rattled the chain with the lovenox announcement it was a nuisance for Teva investors, and caused an overhang on the sp.

    Now Teva has returned the favor, and the gap has filled right in since the announcement, MNTA is back to where it was.

    The obvious thing to do now that MNTA has shed its 'announcement premium' is own both, since they hedge each other, and it protects my Teva position.

    I grabbed it of course, for that reason. But now I just really like the idea of owning MNTA. They have really valuable tech and patents, and are a premium outfit with a bright future. Only the timelines are unknown.

    Buy both!!!

    If one goes up, the other will go down, protecting youre investment and you can buy on the dip for the 'loser' of each battle. When the dust settles down the road, you will have two great investments.

    Beats complaining.

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    • I have a few deer eating on my trees. We have some ice and snow now.

      We get more variation in the milder seasons in south eastern PA:

      Owls, blue heron, fox, many bird varieties. We are near a pond with good bass fishing. My siamese cat and abby's want to get at the birds through the windows; funny to watch them chatter at the birds. Their threats are harmless, kind of like some nasty posters I have seen on some of the message boards.

      I keep the cats inside though, so they are safe from disease.

      I will write later. Luck to you.

    • Yes I showed her your suggestions, she was greatly entertained. I can't talk stocks with her either, same deal, glazed eyes, lowering of brainwave actvity.

      I am not really a trader either. I am building my long positions slowly, as opportunity arises.

      Healthcare is maybe about 15% of the total.

      Take care, eh?

      Time to go feed my pet moose.

    • LOL,

      Having fun and making money. Did your wife get a chuckle from any of this or did she do what my wife does when I talk about stocks? Her ears fold down and eyes glaze over. LOL

      Sometimes posting can be fun. I have been watching these pumped postings for ANIK, IPCI, DSCI, and usually they are undervalued, and most have worked. I am new to it and IPCI was a little nerve racking, but it played out well, with rise, pause, rise, now it is dead due to dilution. I don't know, I am not afraid of ANIK really after pulling the IPCI one off. It has a lot going for it. There is usually multiple chances to get off.

      I missed the DSCI run, which turned out to be a pump gone to legitimate buy. Check the charts and postings.

      ANIK may be a value here with tiny market cap and catalysts coming. It is legit. based in Mass. with some worldwide exposure. I'm a little flea on the back of this one, seeing where it will end up. FWIW - I have many long positions that I don't trade as frequently or at all yet.

      Tell your wife hi. Was that you and your wife leaving the corner tavern on the pony with the RCMP following on horseback? I saw the footage on True TV, Worlds Dumbest, Running from the Law #5. JK Those shows are hilarious by the way if you have that channel in Canada.

    • I will check them out, thanks for the idea

      Man your posts are detailed -

      kind of refreshing, a nice change from all the one liner pump and bash posts these boards are full of

    • I really need to check who is signed in on yahoo before I post anything.

      Oh well, you're a drama queen and a clown either way. My wife would agree, but she isn't into the markets.

    • Sixty Minutes called me back a said no to the interview. The background check revealed some unsavory transactions for you and your dear wife. They found out you and your wife are buying Mindray Medical and pumping the stock to unsuspecting noobs. They said the stock is technically dead money for the next few quarters or next few years.

      They also had footage of you running from a RCMP officer on your pony after running out on your check at the cabin tavern down on the corner. "Dining and dashing" before you bought TEVA @ $40, eh?

      They said MNTA is admired for its innovation and TEVA is a leach to innovators in the pharma field with all of their copycat knock-offs. TEVA is helping drive big pharma R & D out of North America to China and India.

      They did offer some words of advice. If you buy ANIK and show them your brokerage statements your candidacy for PM may be restored.

      Read the following very carefully.

      Sixty Minutes loves this company called ANIK:

      DSCI up to 10.75 from mid 4's since recommended. ANIK was posted on Thursday and some quick DD by Sixty Minutes revealed it was undervalued. That combined with the alert posts on other boards helped it go from the low 7's to 9.39 in 2 days (ANIK has a solid financial position with products, revenues, earnings and 4 applications with the FDA). Deals in place with J and J and others to sell their products.

      They also bought IPCI when they ran that one. Sixty Minutes was in @ $3.10 and out in the $5's, with no problem in a week. Sixty Minutes says that one is done for now @ $4, so stay clear.

      So, Sixty Minutes did it's DD and bought ANIK at $7.50, 2 days ago and waiting for more upside. Any way possible that works to make money in the market is OK with Sixty Minutes.

      Why not have room for some momo stocks in the portfolio, while other positions develop? Sixty Minutes was skeptical also, but did the DD and this one is nice; and they didn't buy too many shares in case it didn't work out (just 6120 shares). JSMHO.

      Here are some links for ANIK-

      Listen to this slide Presentation (Registration required)

      Great Pipeline

      FAB has commercialized three joint health products that Anika is planning to market in the United States along with MONOVISC™, upon its approval by the FDA. These FAB products include:

      * Hyaloglide®, a gel used following tendon and/or peripheral nerve surgery;

      * Hyalonect®, a knitted mesh used as a bone graft wrap; and

      * Hyalofast™, a non woven matrix of HA used in arthroscopic surgery for the repair of chondral and osteochondral lesions.

      We believe these products will only require FDA 510K clearance. These three products – as well as most others in FAB’s portfolio – come with a meaningful clinical data package.

      Our goal is to obtain FDA clearance for Hyaloglide, Hyalonect and Hyalofast by the end of Q1 2011. We are building a direct sales force to market MONOVISC in the United States, and adding these three products to our portfolio should provide us with the critical mass we need to more effectively penetrate the domestic orthopedic/joint health market.

    • Considering the context of my posts, I can't see how I would benefit from an 'alias'. I would say that is obvious enough to all.

      Propaganda and aliases, are you sure you don't want the Communism Can Be Fun message board?

      No alias use here, my friend. It's me referring to you as a drama queen and a clown, rest assured.

    • How many ALIASES do you post under? Again, your immaturity is obvious to all.

    • Read my proposal to your wife. I should have put RCMP, missed a letter.


    • Lol. You have the Canada thing down.

      Yes there's a reply on mindray where the sane thing happened.

      Do you own mindray?

      I will inform my wife of your plan, let her know we've got one vote in the bag, so we might as well go for it. We will call our plan 'Lovenox for Everyone' and give free shares of both teva and momenta to everone in Canada. Booogalou can be our minister of propaganda!!

      I'm just getting my t shirts ready for the campaign. One says 'I Put the Love in Lovenox' The other says 'Just a Momenta, We've Got Some Teva'

      You got me thinkin' big now!!!!

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