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  • koberjm1122 koberjm1122 Sep 21, 2011 11:23 PM Flag

    Who is Dew Dilligence?

    There is simply no question that Dew was (and may still be) short MNTA. It's actually an ingenious scam. You read RMF and think, "this all makes sense, what a great investment. How could someone who compiles this much information be short"?

    That is what makes the scam genius, and it's also the rub.

    Think about it. He claims to have "inside sources" regarding the TEVA submission. Turns out all he really had was a mole at Amphastar confirming that FDA approval was a foregone conclusion.

    He's Bernie Madoff except that he can't be prosecuted because he isn't forcing anyone to invest. It's a public message board after all, so
    buyer beware. BTW - Dew is not a person, it's a consortium.

    If you don't believe me, check out GTCB. Different story, same end

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    • koberj

      did u see how col. gaddhafi regained control of MNTA board

      one minute io was the moderator and i thought the board was in good hands and suddenly at around 9pm (i think) col gaddhafi became the moderator.

      Do we know how this happened ? Is gaddhafi an IHUB employee ?
      Does he get paid by IHUB ? How does this consortium work . Maybe someday we will figure this !

    • scamming or ignorance(?) continues unabated.

      worst thing is this guy goes out of his way to get people to follow him (800 ids - i am sure 500 ids are his own/his cohorts)..he goes to all internet message boards and coaxes them to come to ihub's biotech ventures board

    • now he is predicting with 100% accuracy what will happen in the court case.

      please follow him . he will make you ton of money.

    • 2 more people(from ihub) have sent emails to me about how to find the truth to the question:

      Is Dew a sophisticated operation financed by hedge funds to help them short...dew being the propaganda machine with his up to the minute coverage, 'insights' of MNTA


      Is Dew just ignorant and arrogant

      They also think it is a consortium with a propaganda machine

    • "Dew is not a person, it's a consortium",

      Can't be said any better. Mafias and thugs are always very well organized.

    • "He's Bernie Madoff except that he can't be prosecuted because he isn't forcing anyone to invest. It's a public message board after all, so
      buyer beware"

      So sad that many people are victimized by this kind of fraud.
      We have enough experience to distinguish objective information from speculation, insinuation, presumption, etc.

      But how many people have that ? I guess they are all victims of this propaganda scamming machine call dd ?

      There were many hints from the very beginning that made me skeptical...The guys never ever says he does not know an answer to a single question. HE KNOWS IT ALL.

      Then the adamant posting by him and his cohorts or 10k ids, that TL is non-event

      Then the posting that "privately, analysts have told me that Teva Lovenox is not going to happen"

      I just hope one day he has a realization that what he is doing is completely immoral and just stops doing this.

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