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  • ingalls98 ingalls98 Sep 23, 2011 9:54 AM Flag

    If anyone did one ounce of homework before investing...

    they would or should known that at some point in the near future the gravy train would be reduced and I stress reduced, when competitors drug(s) entered the market! Stop blaming every one else for your misfortunes and start doing your homework! The real question is what'ca going to do now, boy?

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    • The bottomline is this management ... Is this fair
      The bottomline is...what you stupid or something?


    • The real question is why do u little peanut brain sit in the side lines, boy! As us real people enjoy, I could careless if ca is picking his nose, great market, so blame everybody. MNTA

    • We all knew the gravy train would be reduced at some point, the point the smart investors here are calling for heads is that during the year plus Momenta enjoyed exclusive sales current management could not do anything to grow the company.

      One month before approval of M enox on 6/17/10 the stock closed at $15.00 after approval and a year plus of exclusive sales the stock is wallowing around $11.00. No new partners no new exciting development projects just the hope of copaxone approval the same project that was all ready at the fda for over a year on 6/17/10.

      I have a lot of shares and I believe in the technology i just don't believe in the management anymore. Craig has done nothing during his tenure and in crisis we see what we have in Rick Shea and it is not good. You can make all the excuses you want but the stock price and their track record speaks for itself.

      Craig Wheeler and Rick Shea must go ASAP!

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