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  • koberjm1122 koberjm1122 Sep 27, 2012 9:44 PM Flag

    Who has done more damage? Madoff or Dew?

    Not all of these ID's are scammers - some are just plain stupid. They follow Dew like mindless drones. OldBerkley probably falls into this category. OB, so what price do you expect to get on the "impending MNTA buyout" ?????????

    Let me guess 40, 60, 80. perhaps more??

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    • You might want to check with DD first. What did he say the buyout would be? Get back yo us

    • Wait one darn minute, this isn't fair. I haven't done a thing wrong, I'm just trying to do my job, and suddenly I get demoted from an "extension of this scam" to a "mindless drone"?!?!

      I've provided 20 years of faithful service and it took me a long time to work my way up to a scam extension. Why there's a new hire in the next cubicle and she's already a mindless drone.

      Not to mention that I'll have to start using the mindless drone restrooms, and they are way more crowded that the ones for scam extensions.

      On the other hand, I always try to be reasonable: do mindless drones make MORE than scam extensions? Do I still get full health benefits? Retirement?

      If that's the case, then OK Jim, I'm a team player, I'll try to be the best mindless drone that I can be.

    • Being mindless, I don't mind being called a mindless drone.

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