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  • kenwhit22 kenwhit22 Jul 25, 2003 4:12 PM Flag

    Notice how dead quiet it is on UP days?

    all quiet in shortville!

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    • CA real estate baby!

    • <You are clearly arguing that equities in general are a horrible investment.>

      Outside of gold and silver, yes.

    • My father passed away in January and felt the same way.

      Go ahead and laugh all you want...Your money won't be worth shit in a year.

      read it Ken and think about it. i am fully employed and some thank God, but i try to be reallistic. i am not against rising equity prices if there is a reason for that. however what i see in the current economic environment it is far from reality what the markets are doing. what they are hoping for is that this momo companies will grow into their valuation. the S&P earnings have to grow by 80% to justify current valuation. you think it will happen?? i dont. 4% GDP growth in the second half?? companies are downsizing still after all those layoffs before. Doesn't seems like demand is there. anyways good luck with your investments. not trying to be sarcastic but you need it.

    • "The sky is falling, the sky is falling!"

      Arent you the same nay-sayer that swore the airline strikes would spell the end of the EXPE boom? Then the Iraq war, Then SARS?........

      More sour grapes "doom and gloom" from a short....grasping at straws.

      My guess is that you are (or were) a Siliocn Valley high tech employee that is now unemployed or at the least underemployed.

      I hope your situation improves.

    • "people are 'brainwashed" into beleiving they "have" to be in the stock market at all times so that right belfore we die, we can say we are financially independent. "

      LOL - millions of people are in the Stock Market because they are brainwashed... I can't stop laughing!!! Please keep this fountain of wisdom and knowledge flowing. you just made my day.

      "Other than you Jeff, how many on this forum or the whole ridiculous Yahoo community can say the value of their portfolio is worth more now than it was in 1999 ? Now do you call those people "investors" or are the "sheep" ? "

      My 401(k) is worth about 5% more right now than it was at the end of 1999. It went down 5-10% each of 2000, 2001, and 2002. So far this year, it is up ~40%.

      The stocks I invest in directly are up about 200% since 1999. A couple lulcky investments (companies that were taken over at ~20% premiums), a couple "good calls" on stocks that took an abnormally large hit and then rebounded (SIRI in the 40s), and a couple that went down then came back up (AMZN and EBAY).

      Among those, I had plenty of losers as well (MSFT, T, and LU come to mind...) But I knew when to get out and put my money elsewhere. There are a couple that I went down that I got out of that I wish I had stayed in because they too came back, but, alas, I was already out.

    • useless move. there is nothing really he can do. this will end ugly. now that we can say good bye to the refi business, pray hard. it wont help, but it can make you feel better. the action around fre and fnm is kind of scarry. it they get bogged down in their derivatives game, which could happen as interest rates are rising (look at that 10 year note !!!!!!!!!!) the house of cards will thumble down with speed we havent experienced yet. trillions is at stake. it will come in a day when nobody expects it, out of the blue. 87 anyone???????

    • surely uncle Al will drop rates again if recovery is stalling.......

    • recovery.

      And what do you think it will do to TREE? It is an established fact that financing and refinancing has dried up. TREE earned 0.25 in second quarter. Earnings there must drop this quarter. EXPE is expected to earn the same. 0.25. That quarter is the one EXPE had their biggest advantage in their market too. The one Jeff misinforms about. It too is being taken away.
      But let us be generous and assume that TREE and EXPE will earn the same this quarter. Their COMBINED earnings would show up on IACI's balance sheet as about 0.04 with the dilution that will produce about a BILLION shares!
      Some have started to wise up. Two downgrades last week.

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