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  • obieoneknowbe obieoneknowbe Aug 11, 2003 10:56 AM Flag

    Barry got caught on Expedia shellGame

    and shell game. He made the shell, promoted the shell, let the price fall and bought it back. Avoided $$$on tax for hotel rooms, california bankrupt looking for a company to sue for money and IACI is the winner. Barry will do time.

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    • Reza, you may be surprised to learn that there is much about Diller that I *don't* like.

      I do think he is arrogant. I do think he hasn't helped matters much with his complex balance sheet. I do think he likes to hear himself talk and doesn't communicate as well as he could.

      But cheap shots are just that -- they come far too easily, and they just don't advance the discussion along very well. Nobody's the wiser for it, and only the IQ-impaired really find it particularly witty.

      Cheers -- congratulations on a great couple of weeks!

    • Sorry abou the "bald" and "gay" jokes. I know it gets abusive if you like the company and its CEO.

      But what can i do? I saw Diller's interview on CNBC and he is very bald and acts soooo gay! LOL ...

    • You're an idiot.

    • Yes, the point is not how many pennies per share this tax issue will bring down the earnings.

      The more important point is the issue with honesty.

      The company said, heck we screw the customers and if we get cought, worse comes to worse we give it back.

      No Mr. Diller, the worst comes to worst you lose credibility or even worse you may do time.

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      • <<<<<Jeff, this is my last post ...
        by: rezadastmalchian 08/06/03 07:06 pm
        Msg: 62080 of 62177

        Dear Jeff, this is not about me. Whether i make or lose money here is insignificant.

        I can go on and on and tell you how a gay man using his contacts in a corrupt equity market has setup a shell company selling rejected department store goods on TV, or brokering (pimping) blind dates online or brokering over-priced airline tickets to unsuspecting individuals, etc.

        But none of this matters.

        Right now what matters is that gap at $30 is calling and the sucking action won't rest until is sucks all those 820 million shares to fill that gap.

        This is my last post until that gap is filled.>>>>

        Boy, talk about bad credibility.......That gap filled yet?

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