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  • Getting away from the specifics here, let it be known that the VIX(volatility index), has settled in at 20 for a long time now. That is known to correlate with downturns in the past. Shortly, the market may begin its long awaited correction that should last until the VIX climbs to 40 at least.
    IACI correlates fairly close to the market. Then, you can blame its weakness on the market.

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    • agreed. IACI is subject to am all out war from shorts. Diller is upfront, and clean on all #s. He even went tot he SEC for help. He renounced the crap of "street guidance" much to the annoyance of fools.

      The NY Times piece is laced with "may" which is hype reporting from a newspaper desperate to get back its reputation after a pathetic slew of plagerism.

      BTW - for fantasy spinners - Is it "may" or "may not".

    • >> I have seen this kind of hype over and over and referenced it here for everyone's benefit

      "referenced" -- don't you mean "alleged"?

      "referenced" implies you have some kind of evidence.

      As your many posts indicate, you simply don't have any kind of evidence to back up your claim of padded numbers.

      It's fine for you to speculate, and say "I THINK" the numbers are padded, but to imply that they certainly are, without any evidence, lessens your credibility.

      There are many legitimate reasons to short a stock. I just wish those on the short side would back up their assertions with evidence, or qualify their speculations as just that.

    • No, Jeff, I am quite on the subject. I believe the European growth numbers are padded (overstated) and the projections are overinflated. This is OK with most investors because they are not familiar with the cyclical patterns of e-tail in Europe.

      I, on the contrary, I have seen this kind of hype over and over and referenced it here for everyone's benefit. If you choose to remain blind then go ahead and believe that everything that's stated by Diller is 100% correct! I don't! LOL

    • Ahh, the easy trick of anyone caught in the act: Change the subject!


    • Thanks for worrying about my credibility. However, I can't see how it can be worse than those who had fooled the markets very well in the past few years:

      Waksal, Rigas, Wetherall, Sailor, K. Lay, Skilling...

      Claims against these high-profile names were also "unsubstantiated" until it was too late for the investors.

      You can get ready to add Mr. Diller to that list, which has been growing longer since 1999.

      By the way, if you care to learn something about corporate fraud, you might start with this link:

      Have an informed day!

    • >> does not matter right now

      Making unsubstantiated claims just for the hell of it always matters, Pea. It lessens your credibility.

    • Jeff, does not matter right now, after the stock is dumped by the big firms, the evidence will surface naturally. Then this darling stock will join the ranks of CMGI, MSTR, ARBA, ENRN, WCOM, so on, all of which were darling examples of growth in their own time not so long ago. History repeats itself more often then we care to notice, in the meantime, we can all say "I want proof!!!" until we're blue in the face.

    • >> I'll show you "the evidence" when IACI is trading at 20.

      LOL, but I thought we were talking about international growth.

      I noted that EXPE's international revenues have tripled year over year.

      You contended that the numbers were padded.

      I asked for evidence.

    • You've been "certain" of lots of things...for.... what has it been, over a year now? When did you start shorting? 20? how much have you lost?

      You finally get one right and you are the guru? LOL

      You're a funny little man peabrain.

    • I'll show you "the evidence" when IACI is trading at 20. Until then, enjoy the ride down. By the way, the double top was confirmed before mid-July, so it's been more than just a "a great week for shorts". It's getting ready to become something much more interesting, I'm certain of that. Cheers!

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