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  • harvardrd harvardrd Dec 10, 2003 11:38 AM Flag

    To Peamasii- smartest of the bunch

    Have to admit, Pea, you are the smartest in the bunch. Should have listened to you before I got in so far (dumped and bought back). Times I hated you for telling it like it is, but fact is fact. So what other stocks to you possess? I think now I may just follow you around and increase my portfolio...

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    • Mine holds 350 gallons...hasn't been full since about July! Fill ups are UGLY!

      It's funny cause at the gas docks it usually takes at least 30 min fill both tanks....the guys with ski boats end up being lined up about 10 deep behind me.....

      Making new friends at every turn....LOL

    • <<<Pitfall #5: You Have a Big Hat, but No Cattle>>>>

      Is that the same as big boat, no gas?

    • Pitfall #5: You Have a Big Hat, but No Cattle

      What this means: "Big Hat, No Cattle" is an old Texas saying that means you've got the fancy expensive stuff, but no real money to back it up. This is more commonly known as "keeping up with the Jones's".

    • Ken, what are the odds that phdry will say he was innacurate in his prediction that today would be a bottom -- I mean -- another down day?

      a) 35.0%
      b) 35.2%
      c) 34.8%
      d) none of the above

    • LMAO... phdry found his acorn a couple weeks ago and has obviously now lost it again.

      Spin the big wheel....get out that dart board, ouiji board, ironing board or whatever you were using and give us another prediction.


    • Too soon to call it, but it sure likes you're having a "35%" day. What are the chances? :-)

      Glad to see you backed off your statement that it's possible to call an absolute bottom, and that today would be it.


    • Hello Jeff,

      I'm short a bunch of puts so have been bleeding as of late but look forward to a little upside.

      Hope all is well with you. Always read your posts with interest and appreciation for you articulation and knowledge.

      Take care.

      P.S. Do you post at any other boards, if you don't mind saying?

    • Huh?

      First you say:

      >> >> Pea-smartest of the bunch probably was correct when he scolded jeff, who believes noone will recognize a bottom when it arrives.

      Which clearly implies that someone who believes that a bottom is not recognizeable should be scolded. Which in turn means that somehow it is indeed possible to recognize a bottom when it arrives.

      So, I say, predict the bottom, but you only have one chance.

      Then, you say "tomorrow". Great, I respond, tomorrow it is.

      But then the hedging happens. You switch to say it's not really the bottom, it's just "lower". And further, you can only do so with "65% accuracy". (side question: Why not 66%? Why not 64%?)

      Anyway, all this illustrates my original point rather well, I think.

      No one can predict the bottom, or accurately recognize it the moment it arrives. Feel free to "scold" me for this crazy belief, but I think it's common sense. And, apparently, after all the back and forth, so do you.



      You're still being childish. I predicted with alleged 65% accuracy that tomorrow will be another down day for IACI (make that 69% accuracy if the NASDAQ is down and 54% accuracy if the NASDAQ is up).
      Tomorrow, I will predict day after tomorrow with a different coefficient of confidence.
      Noone is infallible, even Cramer. Make that especially Cramer.
      I can never be wrong. Just inaccurate.

    • The only time you can accurately call a bottom is when you can look back and say "there it was".

      Anybody who says differently has a lot to learn.

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