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  • phdry phdry Dec 16, 2003 9:02 PM Flag

    ORBZ a better buy than IACI

    but neither is good. ORBZ at least is trying to take care of its shareholders. IACI is not.
    IACI has diluted its shareholders into insignificance - 800,000,000 shares outstanding. ORBZ has only 40,000,000 - 95% less than IACI while doing half the business that IACI does.
    Yes, ORBZ earned only a small profit, but so did IACI last Q - 2 cents.

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    • I agree with you. Orbitz will be a comp to iaci which is not too good. It appears that iaci is already having issues with the carriers. The impact of xml is also yet to be felt. Google is still beta testing froogle. Froogle shops for goods. I anticipate it will soon shop for airfares. The pie is getting choppped up. I also suspect that yahoo is thinking about this business. They bought into dating services and job search. This is next on their list. I would not be surprised if they made a run at orbitz after ipo, just like ebay did.

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      • >> Orbitz will be a comp to iaci

        Where have you been? They have been a competitor to Expedia for the last three years!

        And during that time, Expedia's grown to more than twice the gross booking size of Orbitz, and with IACI grown its net cashflow to over $1 billion annually, and is growing its gross bookings at more than twice the rate of Orbz.

        There is virtually no company in the world that is without competition.

        The question is -- how well do they do in the face of it?

    • you have a brain the size of a pea. IACI earned 2cents on 800,000,000 shares how much is that... Are we buying shares back?

      You are a short, as I have never seen a nothing but a negative post from you. I just want a realistic post.

      Since both ar POS, perhaps they should both fold and let the airlines and car rental and hotels do the booking direct...

      if neither is any good then why are you here?

    • >> ORBZ at least is trying to take care of its shareholders.

      Do you mean the airlines?

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