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  • Peamasii Peamasii Jul 9, 2004 11:16 AM Flag

    Bush won't get re-elected

    Don't worry Repub bagholders, Bush won't get re-elected. He's way too self-centered to be good for the US for another 4 years. The fact that Diller already realizes this should make you think a little (I know that's difficult if you're republican).

    FWIW Kerry-Edwards is going to make a great team and I'm happy to see that Edwards is on, he's definitely a lot smarter than either Dick or Bush. I know some of you think he's too bright but that's what makes good politicians, not like the money-grubbing dickheaded repub types.

    Well, if the US doesn't get attacked by Dumb-Qaida anytime soon maybe we'll see a happy rally and you people can sell where you bought this POS and break even. But sooner or later the market will sell off big time anyway, this whole FedReserve capital flood tap is slowly getting shut off.

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    • "Anonymous", a person who worked in the CIA, whose resposibility was to try to read the mind of Osama bin Laden, has written another book according to the book review of my Sunday newspaper. According to him, Osama is a great man of history. A big beef of the Islamic fundamentalists is the persecution of Islamics by Israel, Russia, India and China. We have stuck our nose into it big time even before 9/11 and are paying the price. The billions every year that we send over as aid to Israel and an equal amt. to Egypt to prop up a despot is deeply resented. And our support of the Saudi royal family, probably corrupt, is viewed with consternation.
      There is probably less fault in what we are doing than in how we are doing it. A slam bang foreign policy calling out an axis of evil and sending out a display of force has produced questionable results. What we need is somebody like Machiavelli.
      The Clinton policy was exactly the same. Paint the Serbs as bad guys, bomb the shit out of them and then install secular moslem govts. in Bosnia and Kosovo. Was that smart? The cogoscenti all know that Serbia was considered the hole in the doughnut of Europe. Why? Because they were the only successful communist govt. that was left. We were in effect still fighting the last war.
      A common denominator to Clinton/Bush is the successful mystification of the American public. Then who is calling the shots here? When Eisenhower left office after two terms, he warned against the gathering power of our "military/industrial complex". Huh? Nobody understood it then and nobody understands it now.

    • thanks Pea, good post. I am hoping for the short-term sucker rally myself, as well. What can you get for $50 out in Amsterdam these days?

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