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  • yahoo yahoo Jul 18, 2006 7:34 AM Flag

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    • You are so fucking dumb. Now you invade the TMCS
      board with your same crap. It is laughable.I thought it
      was funny when I saw the sukasuzyq and whistler100
      same poster on the TMCS board so I thought I would
      check out the USAI board and see what you were up
      to.Guess what? There you were on the USAI board
      too.whistler100 and sukasuzyq side by side. The whistler100 and
      sukasuzyq same poster being rude and badmouthing the USAI
      posters and posting very close together as is your style,
      with whistler100 calling posters that disagree with
      the sukasuzyq point of view JACKASSES. You are so
      predictable. Don't you ever catch on?Everyone knows
      whistler100 and sukasuzyq are the same poster. As far as you
      saying you've just about gone postal forget it.You went
      postal the day you learned that Diller outmaneuvered
      Davis for control of LCOS.You are so out of your
      fucking warped mind that you have no idea what is going
      on. Diller is coming for you and there is not a thing
      you can do about it.You shouldn't give advice to
      anyone at this time because Diller has made you too
      unstable. Your advice is not worth the paper you use to
      wipe your ass on. By the time the vote is taken you
      won't know the difference between a yes vote and a no
      vote. You will be totally nuts by July 1st and Diller
      is going to steal LCOS right out from under your
      greedy weasel nose. Wake up and smell the vote
      whistler100 aka sukasuzyq who we all know is the same poster
      no matter how much it is denied.You may not like it
      but the game is over!!! Diller takes over in less
      than two months.

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      • Hurray for you starquote, devoted Barry Diller
        admirer such as all wise USAI investor must be. But do
        not waste too much time on sukingsuzy, for she is
        busy at the moment servicing Mr. Barry Diller strong
        male member!

        All LCOS and TMCS dog belong to
        USAI. Nothing for them to say about it! All should just
        be happy under powerful guidance of Barry Diller,
        who will lead value of USAI share to many thousands
        of dollar!

        Just be quiet and enjoy, LCOS
        slave! Like suzysuking now with smile on her face as she
        perform Mr. Diller bidding!

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