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  • jnplx jnplx Jan 29, 2008 11:13 AM Flag

    non- jewish traders & financial ruin

    really you thik only jews cause problems in the markets? that is bc you are a bigot. the list on non-jewish folks casuing the pain is long and plain--- nic leeson brought down barings bank, french guy and so gen, enron ceo, aldelphia rigas family, dennis kozlowski-- the list goes on and on.
    so try to grow up and be a nice person instead of the little bigot you present

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    • charles ponzi the king of all scams jewish?
      robert vesco jewish?

      you claim jews behind all these non-jewish ppl? even if that were the case how does that exonerate these non-jewish swindlers?

    • Hey...jews represent about 6% of the population but about 93.7% of all the swindling that goes. And you can mention you little list of non-jewish wrong-doers....but I'll wager you that in EVERY INSTANCE several jews helped facilitate those frauds for a fee. Such as, accountants, lawyers, bankers, research analysts, etc. Wanna bet? And you list cant compare to the number of jewish swindlers who have helped undermine and take advantage of investors in the marketplace.....the list is almost limitless....starting with Goldman Sachs, who violated there position of fiduciary obligation by KNOWINGLY selling toxic structured product into the capital marketplace and then taking big short positions against go screw yourself you jew apologist. And ask yourself this.....why is it that jews are so absolutely despised around the America, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South America,,,,,,when are Jews going to ask themselves that question.....WHY? because they know the answer and its too disturbing for Jews of good will to confront.

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      • you ask why are jews disliked around the world?
        there are seveal answers to this question
        2000 yrs of the church teaching hate from the pulpit (jesus would be ashamed) is a starting point.
        corrupt leaders around the world especially in the muslim world need a convenient scapegoat to blame all the problems theri ppl face while they rape the riches of the countries.
        now in your circle your daddys taught you to hate and bc you cannotgo agaisnt your daddy you need to teach thathate to your kids.

        why not grow up and be like thy neighbor and and stop the whining... fool

      • yes of course. if the swi ndler is christian there must be jews controlling his evil deeds. there thing that i cannot figure tho in places where there are no jews how can we effectively blame all the evil there on jews?

    • If anything it is Malone that is trying to screw IACI sharehodlers right now, not Diller

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