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  • fred.puppet fred.puppet May 20, 2011 7:17 PM Flag

    LNKD vs. IACI

    The LinkedIn website is used by middle-aged upper-middle-class professionals. Because they use the web site, these people appreciate the value of the company. They also happen to be the demographic that buys stocks. Thus, a $10 billion market cap.

    IACI owns (and many other web sites) which is the primary dating web site for people in their 20s and 30s. Ask someone in their 20s which web site is worth more: LinkedIn or Match? They’ll answer Match, but they won’t be buying IACI because they don’t have much extra cash. Thus a mere $3 billion market cap for all of the IACI web empire. While they’re not buying stock, these younger people are paying to use, unlike LinkedIn which is free. The earnings power of IACI looks better than LNKD.

    In the long-term, people will pay for sex and dates, but not networking. Right now, on the tail end of a recession, people are interested in networking. When good times return they’ll still want sex and dates. You can buy IACI cheap now while LNKD distracts the old farts. And as the once-younger people on age into a richer demographic, they’ll be bidding up your IACI shares.

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    • right, even though most us single guys have been burned by match. woman don't pay so they have phoney pics, string along guys, then at epiration time, -bunch of attractive woman pics are sent so will renew.all my single buddies had happen. they got credit card ,we got't get skrew)

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