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  • fankenguru fankenguru Jan 5, 2014 3:14 AM Flag

    Local Corp.’s Krillion Closes 2013 With A Bang

    BIA Kelsey
    Local Corp. Focuses on National Retail with New Shopping App.
    By: Rebecca Weingartner 24 December 2013

    Local Corp.‘s Krillion has spent the last year and a half expanding its platform for local network and as a result, successfully launched its new Havvit app two weeks ago. Krillion is the localization engine that provides aggregated and structured local product shopping data to Local Corp.’s business customers and channel partners. Local Corp. recognizes the need to transform itself into a mobile-local company and the Havvit app is a step toward that objective.

    The Havvit App is designed to help consumers track items they are looking to purchase at all of their favorite stores. They are able to check what other stores are carrying the product they are looking for and compare prices. The app also does not have to be open to work so it is on the lookout for the best prices all the time and it has a GPS feature to help customers get to the stores that have the product they are looking for. The app can also be customized so that consumers can select which stores to follow L

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    • Local wasn’t offering on specifics on Havvit’s performance to date. “We are not giving out any numbers yet,” says Sherry Thomas-Zon, VP of Local Shopping at Local Corp.”Initial feedback has been really great. This app serves as a fantastic showpiece of what Krillion data can do through its API. Some of its most important features are the app’s ability to address the different types of shoppers and the ‘my stores’ concept.”

      National retailers are taking local much more seriously than they have in previous years. Krillion is able to provide help on the demand side and the direct response side. “We are working on test campaigns with very tight geo-fencing and testing the transition from mobile to in store,” Thomas-Zon said.

    • Some numbers of Local Corp with idiocitc low 37 millon market-cap.

      From the first three quarters of 2013 were reported from positive EBIDA's and Q4/2013 will be positive, too

      Q1: 0.6 million (reported)

      Q2: 1.2 million (reported)

      Q3: 1.3 million (reported)

      Q4/2013: 1.4 million (result of the guidance of 4.5 million positive EBITDA in 2013)

      Total Cash Flow From Operating Activities increased $326,000 in the first 9 month of 2013: 1,441,000 - 2,172,000 + 1,057,000
      View: Quarterly Data All numbers in thousands
      Period Ending Sep 30, 2013 Jun 30, 2013 Mar 31, 2013
      Net Income (1,744) (3,586) (3,353)
      Operating Activities, Cash Flows Provided By or Used In
      Depreciation 1,163 1,302 1,267
      Adjustments To Net Income 1,449 3,484 1,261
      Changes In Accounts Receivables (1,653) (3,156) (42)
      Changes In Liabilities 1,885 167 2,293
      Changes In Other Operating Activities 341 (383) (369)
      Total Cash Flow From Operating Activities 1,441 (2,172) 1,057 Less

      Steady increase of revenues during 2013 will continue in 2014:

      Revenues in 2013
      Q1/2013: 21.8 million (reported)
      Q2/2013: 22.7 million (reported)
      Q3/2013: 23.5 million (reported)
      Q4/2013: 27.0 million (result of the last guidance of 95 million, if you subtract from this 95 million the revenues of Q1 - Q3).

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      • On of the biggest divergences I ever had seen: Monthly unique us-visitors of Twitter and Local Corp near equal, but the market-cap of twitter is with 32,960 million the 890-fold of the idiotic low 37 million of local corp

        The monthly unique visitors of Twitter (Market-cap = 32,960 million) are with 42,261,821 less than double of the flagshipsite of Local Corp. Flagship-site of Local Corp (marekt-cap = 36.9 million) has 22,101,600 unique visitors. And additional between 15 and 20 million monthly unique visitors comes from the network of Local Corp of 1,600+ sites, because this numbers were count by the newspapers-sites. The 22 million from the flagshipsite and the 15-20 million from the network are together a similiar number of monhtly unique visiitor like by Twitter. Less

        On of the biggest divergences I ever had seen: Monthly unique us-visitors of Twitter and Local Corp near equal, but the market-cap of Twitter is with 32,960 million the 890-fold of the idiotic low 37 million of Local Corp.

        The increase of Monthly Unique Visitors of Twitter was only 5,26% and Twitter had a decrease year over year of 1,83%. For cormpare: The numbers of Local Corp are an increase against the last month of 12.28% and against the last year of 17.90%.

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