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  • mountaincelt2002 mountaincelt2002 Jan 6, 2003 5:26 PM Flag

    Nasty Posts

    My my, such nasty posts! And so many crystal balls with people so certain as to the future. Must all be very rich by now. How about dropping the sarcasism, sticking to facts to the extent known and discussing the various viewpoints without the nasties. Makes for a more intelligent discussion that is constructive and useful to all. Many different people have differing and valuable inputs and knowledge. Isn't that the the purpose of these boards. By the way, the last posting about reverse splits is generally correct. They serve various functions such as increasing share prices for listing purposes (or to avoid delisting) and to reduce the number of small shareholders (ie the costs of communication of a public company). When one has say 100 shares and after a reverse split of 1 for 10, has only ten shares, some tend to sell because of the small number of shares. This, in turn, decreases a company's costs of servicing these shareholders. For "small" growing companies this can be important. This was my first post to this board.

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