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  • goldstrawsteven goldstrawsteven Sep 18, 2007 3:52 PM Flag

    Calling a BOTTOM $36-38

    Totally NOT my objective, and irrelevant. Holding for much better drug development. Will take a few months

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    • It's actually .04 lower than close on Tuesday when I wrote about hoping it doesn't gaive back all the gains it made that day on positive news. I am a covered call writer and this is a dream stock. I actually knew it was going to give back all the last 2 days gains.... it is total manipulation, just like 80% of the stocks on Wall St. I employ 'drafting'... using the hedgies and the big funds to pull me along.

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      • yeah, I know and that doesn't bother me at all. I take that into consideration for myself. However a lot of individual investors don't understand that and it irks me to see them taken advantage of so crassly. I dont mind trading based on individual assessments, and intelligent people can differ in their interpretation AND have different perspectives on the length of time their trade is for.

      • sell now and save yourself over a buck a share today. The selling will be RELENTLESS

      • And of course you make money because the dream stock is volatile. Volatility is MONEY !!!!!!!!
        I like it too and make a lot when the vix soars.
        And when you said you hoped it didn't give back all the gains on good news on tues, it closed at about $37.85. Hasn't given back any, still there, just moved around a little. And as I pointed out elsewhere, up $2 over past 6 weeks. So, it's not a money maker for LONG TERM shorts. Just people moving the stock make oodles. And LONG term LONGS from here on from $36-38 bottom.

    • I understand... but hanging around $37 when it should be dancing around $45 doesn't instill much confidence for the long run. I will say that the upward potential far outweights any more downward pressure. Love to see $40 by options expiration on Friday.

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      • It will be dancing around $45 before the end of the year. Isn't that a great excuse to buy now at $37.
        It's been dancing around $37 because of heavy shorting. They really headed for the door didn't they? I still stay it's a bottom between $36 and $38, like I said a few hours ago. It may get to $40 by options date, but I dont do options. All depends on when the shorts expire in their endeavor to make money on FRX.
        My time horizon is 3 - 6 months.

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