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  • goldstrawsteven goldstrawsteven Oct 8, 2007 11:58 AM Flag


    AP Oct 2
    "Meanwhile, shares of San Diego-based Cypress Bioscience Inc. rose 27 cents to $14.50 as Amsellem initiated coverage with an "Outperform" rating and $22 price target. The company's lead drug candidate is milnacipran, now in Phase III studies aimed at treating fibromyalgia. That market could be as big as $7 billion in the U.S with sales potential totaling $1.6 billion for milnacipran."

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    • Zack's ups ranking CYPB today from a "3" to a "2" on a 1-5 scale with a "1" a strong buy.
      CYPB = FRX's Milnacipran partner.


    • thanks for the nice info

    • TODAY???????
      My time perspective is longer than today.
      I've always said 3-6 months is what I'm interested in.
      and it's still up 7% in the last month and still higher this week

    • it ain't trash talk if it's correct. look at your stock price today. The only trash is frx stock

    • if I'm screwing up your computerized programs to manipulate the stock --- GOOD!! I'll keep up the good work by spreading good valid info regarding FRX's current research work and drug development. If you don't like the info, ignor it.

    • why should it bother you if I dont "move on". All you ever do is trash talk the stock with no and non-factual information to try and get people to SELL the stock at these great prices. 315 million other shares think differently. You cant ever SELL a share without someone else buying a share. You cant ever BUY a share unless someone else sells a share, and since you have been trying to get people to sell shares (in a somewhat hostile manner by denigrating others judgements)I can only surmise that you want to buy them to get out of FRX at these great prices. I've decided. Think I'll stay!! I like the drug development industry which I know well and FRX is doing excellant work in developing their pipeline. YOU DON'T THINK SO. YOU SELL AND GO AWAY!!

    • yada yada yada. gold, this stock is a dog. noone wantsto own it, in fact they can't wait for every uptick to bail. move on and stop wasting your time.
      the hammer of damocles will fall shortly.

    • CC OVER! Just listened to conference call. Forest VERY EXCITED about MILNACIPRAN and the whole fibromyalgia market!!!!

    • Cypress (Forest'sPartner) is highlighted in a new
      article. They say what I've been saying. Pain relief in this area is BIG MONEY!!

      CARDIFF, CA--(MARKET WIRE)--Oct 15, 2007 -- NI Research has released the October issue of NeuroInvestment, which reviews the current status and prospects of treatments for nociceptive pain (therapeutics for neuropathic pain were most recently reviewed in NI September 2006). With 20-30 million Americans suffering from significant (rather than transient, which are ubiquitous) pain disorders, this is a huge market. While there are effective therapeutics available, epitomized by the opioids, this class of drugs has a sombering array of side effect and abuse issues. The pharmaceutical industry is developing improved variations on the opioid theme, including modified delivery options, but more importantly, is pursuing a number of avenues in the hope of finding an alternative mechanism which offers opioid-like efficacy without the adverse event and abuse risks endemic to opioids.
      The main body of the review assesses coming generations of treatments for pain. Targets of particular merit include: N-type calcium channels, VR-1/capsaicin receptors, acid-sensing ion channels, NGF, FAAH-inhibition, kappa opioids, nicotinic receptors, and AMPA/kainate receptors. Companies whose programs are included in this review include: Adolor, Cara Therapeutics, Cephalon, Cypress Bioscience (NasdaqGM:CYPB - News), GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Neurogen (NasdaqGM:NRGN - News), Neuromed Pharmaceuticals, Organon, PainCeptor, Pfizer, Targacept, and TorreyPines Pharmaceuticals (NasdaqGM:TPTX - News).

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