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  • qqstocks qqstocks Dec 7, 2011 1:27 PM Flag

    Carl Icahn added more shares

    Shares1,151,366 ...ICAHN, CARL, C.Shares > 19,895,841 7.25% 782,702,384 ..average price paid $33.00., Carl Icahn added more shares 26,083,088 now has 9.76%....Morgan Stanley, adding 4.3 million shares to its 10.2 million share prior quarter position,... and Schroeder Investment Management, adding a NEW 1.6 million share position in FRX

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    • Carl Icahn took the proxy fight in 2011 and denied by the majority.

      Carl Icahn added more shares for the next proxy fight. FRX has had $2B+ Cash. If Carl wins, he can take $200M+ immediately, plus the company.

      I don't know MS is on which side. Will MS help Carl or against? They added to strengthen their position.

      The second proxy fight is expected in late 2012. The fight will end the Solomon regime.

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      • The old Solomon still insists the ruling of their 3,300 haeds (will be 3,500 soon) slaes army. Their CapEx increases more than the growth (sonn be nagetive) of their revenue.

        However, with the patent cliff ahead, will Solomon drive the army to down to the cliff?

        The environment of selling drugs is changed. All major pharmas are cutting their sales force. Solomon is against the trends. If the army fells on the cliff, it is a suicide themself (most of them will be laid off finally).

    • yup this will turn out ok soon.