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  • frankposting frankposting Jul 7, 2012 12:26 PM Flag

    BUY: out or in?

    No quick relief for any mega-patent-cliff, no matter the company is PFE, AZN or FRX.

    Build up a strong pipeline is a cure, but the treatment takes a considerable time and a good luck. FRX is on the right track to expand its pipeline, but still need a good luck. Not every product can be a blockbuster, and not a few years can reach the blockbuster status. In my view, the 9 products pipeline (5 approved and 4 in approving) may not be enough; only one or two may become blockbuster after 5 years from the approval. Don't forgot, FRX's two #$%$ (Lexapro and Namenda) were bought from Lundbeck (a Denish pharma). Lundbeck still have a few qulified candidates in hand, but seems they are not interesting to sell to FRX or others. They are selling those products (and future #$%$) by themself.

    Seems that FRX has no way to cure the two patent-cliffs (lexapro and Namenda) before 2019!!!