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  • chembumxxx chembumxxx Aug 16, 2012 10:06 AM Flag

    Icahn's Game...

    Who exactly does he think would buy Forest? The man is delusional and just mad that he bought in years ago thinking the company would be aquired and when it wasn't, he is looking bad.

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    • I remeber hearing an interview with him on Forest Labs...his thoughts were to clean up the board and make it more profitable for a long term investment. I dont think that he is trying to sell the place. Some of the points that he raised was that the CEO blew out of most of his stock at the very high end of the market...the CEO appointed his son to a high level position making millions with little to no well as cutting costs. To me it seemed like a longer term play rather that getting it ready to be sold.

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      • Seems to me that his batting average is 50/50. I kind of like those chances. Give me a chance to see $35.50 in the near term and I might exit given this latest swing up. Unless there is something more I see from him, I think that is a good sell point and wait and see what happens. I might go back in lower if given a chance.

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