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  • lost_space_ranger lost_space_ranger Jul 18, 2013 6:51 AM Flag


    may be a seller not a buyer- they have 10 new drugs coming to mkt this year. Their sales force is too small to take advantage of the opportunity.

    It may be up for sale- CEO going- Icahn in the wings

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    • Where do you get this incorrect info? What are your sources? Lol

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    • No one in the right mind would by FRX, they have no know how to speak of and bunch of mee-too drugs that are expiring one by one. They are hoping IBS drug will get some money in, but the rest of the #$%$ they push through FDA are all old news drugs that are no better than existing #$%$. They going to be losing revenues and cash because their CEO has no vision and VP of clinical is a Soviet-style bureaucrat with zero ideas. One cannot be competitive in Pharma world by producing aspirin.

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      • analyst rept

        • I Forest Labs is in a unique situation where it has too many new drugs to launch. Among
        its ..........drugs the company assembled to replace Lexapro and
        Namenda, 7 have been launched: Bystolic, Savella, Viibryd, Teflaro,
        Linzess, Daliresp and Tudorza. The other 2 ,
        levomilnacipran has a PDUFA date this month, while cariprazine is also
        under FDA review. ..... Forest has also just launched Namenda
        XR, ............ it is likely the 3 co-formulated
        drugs, Tudorza + formoterol, Bystolic + valsartan, and ceftazidime +
        avibactam, will reach the US market in the near future.
        Tudorza + formoterol will be filed for FDA approval by the end of this
        year. , FRX is potentially introducing 13 new drugs into the
        US branded pharma mkt

    • Frx has the largest sales force, numbers wise, in the industry right now. They do not have 10 new drugs coming this year - they already promote 8 and have maybe 1 coming this year and 1 next year.