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  • mi23lk mi23lk Jun 24, 1998 6:57 PM Flag

    Patent expiration & p/e

    Does anyone know approximately when FRX will
    receive or not receive approval for Celexa. If not a
    date, maybe within a month or two period. I understand
    the company may have received an approvable letter,
    but I don't believe the stock rallied the day the
    announcement came out, but I could be wrong. Does anyone have
    a feeling as to what the stock may do when the
    company gets a final approval or denial?

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    • I will set up two Roth Education accounts for my
      two daughters. 100 shares FRX each will send them go
      through college because FDA will grand at least 7 years
      exclusive market right for a new NDA.

      BTW: I wish
      FRX drop to $30 tomorrow and load up a full truck.

      • 1 Reply to lipolong
      • I believe the Celexa patent has already expired.
        If so, FDA will grant Forest 5 years of marketing
        exclusivity since citalopram is a new chemical entity (NCE).
        Generic companies will not be able to file applications
        for citalopram until the exclusivity expires, so the
        earliest generic approval date could be about 1 year after
        that - that's about how long a good ANDA takes to get
        approved nowadays.

        But I do agree with lipolong,
        that Forest has the potential to be one fantastic
        investment. I certainly like that Roth Education IRA
        suggestion; I think I'll look into it myself.