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  • stingo22 stingo22 Jul 1, 1998 10:30 PM Flag

    Patent expiration & p/e

    My sources tell me that the drug only has about
    marketable years with a patent expiration in
    However, I also understand Forest has patented
    enantiomer (or mirror image) version with a
    patent. The original patent is set to expire at
    the same time as Prozac. This will increase the
    of Celexa to managed care organizations and
    maybe drive
    a Prozac-to-Celexa formulary conversion
    in many cases.
    Look for FRX to be very aggressive
    on pricing in order
    to make a big hit quickly on
    this drug...


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    • If you all would read the May 30 press release,
      you would know that it does not matter the patient
      date for Celexa. In the press release, Forest
      announced a marketing agreement for the Big Bother of
      Celexa. It is "the active enantiomer of Celexa, which
      will enter clinical studies later this year and is
      patented until the year 2009." If Celexa sells anything
      like it has in Europe, Forest will transfer the Celexa
      sales to the new agent before the patient expires. This
      has been done successfully by all the pharmaceutical

      The anti-depressant market in the U.S. is close to 5
      billion dollars. Three of the top ten most prescribed
      drugs in the U.S. are anti-depressants (Prozac #2,
      Zoloft #5, Paxil #7 I think?). When Forest reaches a 10%
      market share with Celexa, it will DOUBLE the size of the
      company's sales.

    • FRX may ony make it even in the first year.

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