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  • JIMMY123ABC JIMMY123ABC Jul 16, 1998 9:02 AM Flag

    wla will co-market celexa!!!

    FRX has developed the drug and has it will be
    co-marketed by parke-davis (a subsidary of warner lambert). I
    think that you would be better off if you invested in
    WLA because even if the drug goes off patent in a
    couple of years or if for some reason the drug is not
    approved, it will not have a major effect on

    WLA makes various revenue sources include
    prescription drugs Accupril, lipitor($1 Billion in salesin
    1997 projected to be $5billion by 2003) , rezulin($450
    million in sales in 1997) it also makes sudafed,
    lubriderm lotion, listerine mouthwash, trident, certs,
    schick razors, halls, rolaids, ept pregnancy
    test,actifed, benadryl, chicklets gum, dentyne gum, efferdent,
    neosporin, nix, tucks pads, and they market zantac 75 which
    is available over the counter.
    For more products
    go to

    WLA stock
    far better than FRX stock

    WLA was around
    $42(split adjusted) in Jan 98, it closed at $78 on

    FRX was around $25 in Jan 98 and closed at $35 on

    the numbers speak for themselves

    I am not
    saying that FRX is not a good company, but there is too
    much risk involved when they have just one drug, with
    wla you will get all the benefits of celexa with less

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    • You mention the fact that Celexa may not get approval, do you know when the decision on Celexa approval will be?

      • 1 Reply to mi23lk
      • Mark my word here. I predict FDA will issue the
        final approval letter of Celexa to FRX by end of Aug.

        I trust WLA's judgement for Celexa's market
        potential. I also agree that WLA is more safe than FRX.
        However, not only I bought FRX but also I am think to buy
        FRX's options.

        The critical thing is the first
        qrt sales. Those sales data will confirm the
        analysts' projection.

    • when is celexa supposed to hit the market. at one
      time, i thought it was in august but now i am not sure.

      i also read that by the end of the year, frx should
      exceed 45. however, this is just an estimated guess and
      very well could be wrong.

      does anyone have any
      thoughts on the matter. it would be great if frx could
      exceed 45 by the end of the year.