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  • JIMMY123ABC JIMMY123ABC Jul 17, 1998 11:58 AM Flag

    one more thing about wla vs. frx

    FRX only has one drug in the pipeline. You can't
    be 100% sure that celexa will be approved. Just
    recently (mid-june) pfe's zeldox (antipsychotic) was NOT
    approved go to

    Any way, even if it is approved there can be adverse
    reactions to the drug, which can lead to lawsuits. A few
    years back a man took prozac and killed someone in a
    prozac induced halucination. I don't know if there was a
    lawsuit in this case but there was tons of negative media

    If you are looking for a the benfits of celexa go
    with wla.
    they not only have lipitor, rezulin and
    all the over the counter stuff i mentioned in my
    prior post, they also have 10 drug in the pipeline
    that's 9 more than FRX.

    To see the wla pipeline
    drugs, go the message just above this.

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    • something is wrong with your assumption of 10
      drugs in Warner Lambert's pipeline, because let me tell
      you something. In the area of the pharma field that
      WLA competes in, 10 drugs gets you DIDDLY SQUAT. So,
      either you have the wrong figures, or if its true, then
      I feel sorry for WLA stockholders. Let me tell you
      whats typical among pharma companies's pipelines. PFE
      has over 60 drugs in the pipeline. AHP alone has over
      66 drugs in the pipeline, and with MTC combined into
      it has over 110 products in the pipeline. Even the
      long considered DOG of the pharmas PNU, has over 50
      drugs in the pipeline. 10 drugs is puny, pathetic, and
      nothing to write home over.

    • First of all, there is little chance that Celexa
      won't be approved. They would have never received an
      approvable letter in May if that was the case. Pfizer's
      Zeldox showed some kind of safety problem during their
      clinical trials, which is why they got this letter. Celexa
      has been marketed for years in Europe and has an
      excellent safety profile. I don't think it "induces
      hallucinations", either. By the way, for all of Prozac's negative
      press, it's still in the top five prescribed drugs.
      Speaking of negative press, Viagra gets plenty of it and
      it's still flying off of pharmacy

      Secondly, if raw profits are what you're after, forget
      Forest and wla anyway and go with sure winners like
      Microsoft or Dell Computer.

      Hey, I have a great
      idea. Everybody buy both Forest and wla and make jimmy
      a happy camper.

    • I found this info about the pipeline drugs at
      and click on press info and then click on the april
      21,1998 press release.

      -> pregabalin, an
      anticonvulsant, in development for epilepsy, neuropathic pain and
      other CNS disorders. This compound is minimally
      metabolized, making drug interactions unlikely. By the end of
      the year, the company will have initiated more
      25 clinical efficacy studies of this compound. They
      include trials in epilepsy, diabetic neuropathy,
      post-hepatic neuropathy, social phobia, anxiety disorder and

      ->igmesine, a novel antidepressant
      that has demonstrated efficacy in Phase II trials for
      the treatment of major depressive disorder. Its
      unique mode of action offers the
      potential for a more
      rapid onset of action than current therapies with a
      favorable side effect profile.

      ->zenarestat, an
      aldose reductase inhibitor for the treatment and
      prevention of diabetic neuropathy. Licensed from Fujisawa,
      the therapy was shown in Phase II trials to limit and
      even reverse the nerve damage caused by diabetes.

      ->Metaret (suramin), a treatment for hormone refractory
      prostate cancer. In clinical trials, Metaret appears to be
      an effective treatment for the condition, decreasing
      pain scores and pain medication needs, and producing
      clinically significant reductions of the tumor marker PSA
      (Prostatic Specific Antigen). An NDA was filed at the end of

      ->CelexaTM (citalopram), a selective
      serotonin reuptake inhibitor, for the treatment of
      depression. A new drug application for CelexaTM was submitted
      by Forest
      Laboratories, Inc. to the U.S. Food and
      Drug Administration in May 1997. Warner-Lambert
      entered into an agreement with Forest Laboratories in
      March to co-promote the drug.

      (CI-1011), an ACAT inhibitor, which prevents the
      accumulation of atherosclerotic plaque and reduces total
      cholesterol levels. In pre-clinical models, CI-1011
      demonstrated a regression of arterial lesions. In addition,
      effective ACAT inhibitors may reduce total cholesterol
      levels by decreasing absorption of dietary cholesterol
      and reducing hepatic VLDL secretion. Phase III trials
      are expected to
      begin within a year.

      ->CI-1004, an anti-inflammatory that works by dual
      inhibition. It inhibits 5-lipoxygenase, the enzyme
      responsible for leukotrines, and it inhibits the
      cyclooxygenase, COX-2. This dual mechanism of action may provide
      advantages over
      COX-2 inhibition alone as a result of
      enhanced anti-inflammatory efficacy. CI-1004 could
      potentially have the GI safety of the new COX-2 agents with
      improved efficacy over current NSAIDS. Phase II trials for
      rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are
      expected to
      begin this year.

      ->CI-1001, (ethinyl
      estradiol/norethindrone acetate) an intravaginal ring, provides
      contraception for up to three months. A phase II trial showed
      good cycle control with
      excellent patient tolerance
      and acceptance. Phase III trials in both the U.S. and
      overseas are expected to begin in early 1999.

      ->FemHRT (ethinyl estradiol/norethindrone acetate) is a
      combination estrogen progestin hormone replacement therapy
      for use in treating osteoporosis and perimenopausal
      symptoms. The NDA is expected to be submitted in the U.S.
      within the next 12 months.

      ->clinafloxacin, a
      new generation quinolone anti-infective. This
      compound is effective against highly virulent bacteria,
      including those that are resistant to the most potent

      drugs now available. The compound, for which oral and
      injectible forms are planned, will be for hospital use. An
      NDA is expected to be submitted later this year.

      • 1 Reply to JIMMY123ABC
      • Those so called 10 products in WLA pipeline are
        either in advanced clinical development or are awaiting
        approval. Its not the entire pipeline. WLA entire pipeline
        i'm guessing is around 40-50 products. And FRX
        doesn't have only 1 drug in the pipeline. They have
        Celexa, awaiting approval for an Alzheimer's drug, and
        they've recently in-licensed 3 more compounds from HD
        Lundbeck. Other than those, I'm sure they've got more to
        show for their R&D spending as opposed to the 1 drug
        you believe them to have. Look a little closer next
        time JIMMY, maybe you'll get the right information.