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  • mr_popular333 mr_popular333 Jul 18, 1998 1:05 PM Flag

    one more thing about wla vs. frx

    Those so called 10 products in WLA pipeline are
    either in advanced clinical development or are awaiting
    approval. Its not the entire pipeline. WLA entire pipeline
    i'm guessing is around 40-50 products. And FRX
    doesn't have only 1 drug in the pipeline. They have
    Celexa, awaiting approval for an Alzheimer's drug, and
    they've recently in-licensed 3 more compounds from HD
    Lundbeck. Other than those, I'm sure they've got more to
    show for their R&D spending as opposed to the 1 drug
    you believe them to have. Look a little closer next
    time JIMMY, maybe you'll get the right information.