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  • forstrngr forstrngr Jul 17, 1998 4:48 PM Flag

    one more thing about wla vs. frx

    First of all, there is little chance that Celexa
    won't be approved. They would have never received an
    approvable letter in May if that was the case. Pfizer's
    Zeldox showed some kind of safety problem during their
    clinical trials, which is why they got this letter. Celexa
    has been marketed for years in Europe and has an
    excellent safety profile. I don't think it "induces
    hallucinations", either. By the way, for all of Prozac's negative
    press, it's still in the top five prescribed drugs.
    Speaking of negative press, Viagra gets plenty of it and
    it's still flying off of pharmacy

    Secondly, if raw profits are what you're after, forget
    Forest and wla anyway and go with sure winners like
    Microsoft or Dell Computer.

    Hey, I have a great
    idea. Everybody buy both Forest and wla and make jimmy
    a happy camper.