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  • mr_popular333 mr_popular333 Jul 18, 1998 12:57 PM Flag

    one more thing about wla vs. frx

    something is wrong with your assumption of 10
    drugs in Warner Lambert's pipeline, because let me tell
    you something. In the area of the pharma field that
    WLA competes in, 10 drugs gets you DIDDLY SQUAT. So,
    either you have the wrong figures, or if its true, then
    I feel sorry for WLA stockholders. Let me tell you
    whats typical among pharma companies's pipelines. PFE
    has over 60 drugs in the pipeline. AHP alone has over
    66 drugs in the pipeline, and with MTC combined into
    it has over 110 products in the pipeline. Even the
    long considered DOG of the pharmas PNU, has over 50
    drugs in the pipeline. 10 drugs is puny, pathetic, and
    nothing to write home over.