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  • renman451 renman451 Feb 14, 2008 12:38 AM Flag


    Either the deal is an incredible gimme for Tone shares or it's a disaster because without it the stock would be no higher than 10..The important date is 2/20 walk away or penalty..

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    • Are you for real? Do you even believe youe own BS? Do you just post "sky is falling" crapola in attempts to STEAL from people. From my vantage point, I look at posters like you who peddle posts like that as THIEVES, no better than a common criminal.

      At least put some thought and FACT behind BS to disguise the stench of it a little bit.

      If you are going to be a bashing SOB then at least try to be creative about it.

      TONE has merely put up their kitchen sink quarter as demanded by all parties including the regulators as well as CSE their merger partner.

      If TONE was going it alone they would have been far less aggressive in their writedowns just like every other institution. However, they have no choice but to take the absolute hardest and most negative look when under the watchful eye of OTS regulators pondering the merger and CSE who knows how to assess credit risk and they damn sure know what represents value.

      These writedowns are pissant and I keep saying that because the criminals populating these boards seem to overlook this little inconvenient fact.

      The merger will happen as soon as CSE announces their quarter and the OTS gives their belated blessing after doing their job of making sure these outfits belong together.

      Your pal