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  • westsidegrad77 westsidegrad77 Apr 22, 2010 10:06 AM Flag

    Term sheets in on debt as well as equity placement

    There are no less than 3 term sheets in on the non-performing and equity as well as a # of suitors on taking out the thrift. PRWT just had something similar happen. Stay away from the shorts on this board and use some common sense. Did anyone really think Tier One would just go away? Stay tuned for what happens next.

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    • What are the terms? 400MM+ shares at a quarter. What is that worth to a current shareholder? Answer: approximately where it is trading. Give or take a dime. Do you figure otherwise? Please enlighten us.

    • And uh.... where is your verification of your statements? I imagine there are several suitors, except they will be looking to carve up the assets AFTER the FDIC takes over.

      Yea, stay tuned for sure. About a week from now. IF this bank is serious about disclosing.......

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      • Pretty obviously you don't know what you are talking about since Tier is a thrift, idiot, and the FDIC would not be taking over if they failed. Learn the difference between s&l, banks, thrifts, etc.....instead of posting crap on here.

        I am not surprised to see there is interest in Tier. Someone started buying the stock again a couple of weeks ago, usually these guys let their friends know before they start signing things that preclude them from trading in the stock. Lots of movement going on in all the regional banks right now, look at KEY and HBAN for example.

        Best of luck to all on here.