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  • retireb4death retireb4death May 13, 2005 3:00 PM Flag

    man these weak volume days SUCK

    2pm Friday and the whole market turns mean...
    So goes starting the weekend with a big smile on my face. I'll be glad when May's in the crapper.

    Too much more downside and I'll have to pony-up more cash to the IRA cause I just can't pass-up a flaming bargain.

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    • I only have a driver's license - though I prefer to BE driven (usually to the brink).

      I apologize, I mis-spoke, a better choice of words would have been "assume" instead of "sure".

      There, is the boo-boo all better? Anything pertinent to contribute re: APII or should be just keep this spam-a-lot string running?

    • I've never transferred stock to my IRA. Any tips as to when, which ones, and how much at a time?

      Thanks for your input

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      • I've never transferred INTO my IRA either <g>. I run a side-business from my home, so I set-up a SEP IRA to boost the retirement savings as much as possible. I have both my SEP and my Roth IRA's in self directed brokerage accounts. I deposit cash each year and then buy/trade through the year. I'm sure it's possible to contribute stock to your IRA (IF you're eligible to contribute) - but you'd have to check with a tax acct to see if you'd contribute at cost or mark to market - which would be my guess (AND you'd have to declare the gain/loss on the stock at that time as well).

        I happen to have my APII in my Roth - so I have no problem at all selling on a spike and buying back on a dip (did that in the same day in April and cleared 25%) since it's all tax free when it comes out of the Roth in another 20 years. It's not all roses though - I've taken a beating in my SEP this year (along with everyone else out there, eh?) and since it's in an IRA, I can't take the tax benefit of the losses. Of course, since I really try to not HAVE losses, I'm comfortable with the IRA concept. Also, you can't margin an IRA as that would be considered using it for collateral and that's a no-no.

        Side note: I really want to get the SEP up as high and fast as possible - since that particular little gem of a vehicle has the ability to own real estate (provided me and/or my family don't live there) - so you can buy your retirement condo in the SEP and treat it as a rental unit. The rental income goes in tax deferred and the maintenance expenses go against basis on the condo. Finally, when you retire, the reduced-basis is your distribution and you're cruising into retirement. How SWEET is that!?

        Here's hoping Monday's a good turn!

    • The market has been mean. My take is that a couple of doubters weren't impressed with the numbers and sold. Since there weren't many buyers, the buyer who camped at 3.00 all day was able to set up and try for some shares. May have been same as buyer at higher prices. Until there is competition among buyers the price won't go anywhere.

      This market requires unambiguously good numbers. The company didn't have them. The projections, if they're willing to offer any, or at least update on April/May would be helpful. Recall that Q2 last year was the big miss. So comparatives by % will look more impressive, and we know how they like to use %s. I told Warren K. to use real numbers. Can't get more honest than that.

      Thought that PR today was far too rambling. Save it for the call guys. Did you take over on the writing of those Ray or was that Aurelius? Warren was always concerned they had to pay by the word. Nice. But, keep it short and sweet. Stick to facts and figures. Save the rambling for the call. We'll see if there are any analysts on the call Monday ... as if. What the heck is Aurelius doing besides putting up a badly designed website? Who's recording the conf. calls anyway? That last one wouldn't ever play for me on a mac. How about mp3 format?

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