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  • bijan555 bijan555 Aug 29, 2004 7:26 PM Flag

    Idiots and Insiders Selling

    When short sellers can Not find or say anything bad about this company, they resort to their stupid Insider Selling .

    You Idiots look at DELL and its chairman selling millions and open your damn eyes and see the " 10 Million " share

    23-Aug-04 DELL, MICHAEL S.
    Director 1,000,000 Sale at $34.8958 per share. $34,895,800

    20-Aug-04 DELL, MICHAEL S.
    Director 1,330,000 Sale at $34.7137 per share. $46,169,221

    19-Aug-04 DELL, MICHAEL S.
    Director 5,095,000 Sale at $34.8494 per share. $177,557,693

    18-Aug-04 DELL, MICHAEL S.
    Chairman 10,000,000 Planned Sale $350,800,0001

    Now all you short sellers can go to hell and take your question with you

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