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  • supercub_00 supercub_00 May 4, 2005 2:51 PM Flag

    Why ERES has fallen and can't get up


    Thanks for the civil reply. I'm not necessarily in agreement with your position though. I don�t see the CRO�s as competition to the degree that you do. Although in some ways they can be, they tend to be regional and have high costs. It would make more sense to me to partner up with someone like eres and add additional usage than to try to be a one stop shop in a couple locations. Don�t you think that the pharma industry in general is trending toward more of a global footprint and universal guidelines? I get the sense that it�s the way it�s headed. This would benefit eres with a nimble ability to go where the beds and patients are.

    This latest news with Blum and share buyback opens all kinds of possibilities, all of which would be pure speculation�.from taking it private, a merger, a buyout, or just an very favorable establishment of new fda guidelines. If you think about it, Blum has or will hold a very stable chunk of shares. Couple that with the company taking potentially 12.5 mil out of the float, that could be quite a boon for Blum if things were to develop in a positive direction. Blum�s move is key here as far as I�m concerned, especially now that they have taken a board seat. Sans that seat, I was wondering.

    I could speculate, but it wouldn�t do much good at this point so I�ll keep my wildest thoughts to myself for now. Until it becomes clearer, which it will, I will hold. We may all be surprised.