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  • jasonswmwatcher jasonswmwatcher Jul 11, 2008 7:35 AM Flag

    ? for experienced bankers only

    Talk to me. No fish people. Looking for an assessment of USB. NO BS needed. I am looking for analysis of this company. Thanks in advance.

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    • as always do your own DD, and do not sink too much into any 1 investment or industry. Banks have gotten clobbered and as a whole the entire sector is down, which means it is a good time (for those with long term outlooks) to buy the best of breeds. USB is very conservative, they took a lot of grief years ago for not jumping on the subprime bandwagon as aggressive as others were and thus not having the high rate of return, but now it is showing they made the smart long term move, they do have a small amount of SP but not to extend of most other banks. Buffet bought in around 30-32 lately and says it is a great long term play, I agree with him. If you are looking for short term, this is not the stock for you, techs/bio small caps are but then again the risk is higher... best of luck

    • Jason, Jason, Jason. I have to agree with an earlier poster. You will not find rational, enlightened thought on a Yahoo message board. They are typically populated with rejects from the old Jerry Springer show.

      With some notable exceptions of course, my being one. :)

      You'd get a much better feel for a stock by using VectorVest, or IBD, or somesuch, and doing your own DD.

    • Only a dolt would seek advice on a Yahoo message board. Congratluations Jason, you're that dolt. You have to be from Minnesoduh, because that's the only place you find people as naive as you. As for me, so glad to be gone from the midwest. It's a beautiful day in La Paz, BCS.

      Since you asked:

      1. Market trending down.
      2. Banks leading the way.
      3. Fundamentals deteriorating.

      That makes it a perfect time for you to buy Jason. Sorry, you asked. Dolt.

      • 2 Replies to bajahoosier
      • Baja,

        Why be so cruel to someone you don't even know? It's true that one can't get all of one's advice from a message board, but some of these posters are very knowledgeable and are retired bankers and are current stockholders. (Probably of long-standing!) I'm sure Jason has done other homework on the bank besides here, so don't be so critical.

        It's a rough, tough time on the stock market. Quite frankly, I'd rather be looking at the dividends that I'm getting than the stock prices. Thank goodness I've never been one who is in and out of the market, just to make a quick gain on a stock going up a few dollars.

        Live where you want to live--we don't care. I'd rather live in the Midwest where people are kind and honest than anywhere else where the sharks circle all the time, smelling your money.

        Have a very nice day.

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