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  • billion828 billion828 Oct 31, 2009 5:51 PM Flag



    Everyone, please make your dividend prediction. I already made mine but will restate it here. I think if there will be a dividend increase, it will be to 10 to 12.5 cents, an increase of 5 to 7.5 cents.

    Its ok to give a small range, I suggest a 2.5 cent range prediction. Do it for the fun of it . As we all know, USB will be one of the few banks that could have a dividend increase given that they repaid TARP etc.

    Come December, we can see how accurate our guesses are.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Lol lol lol lol 'even if it is' liar liar liar. we know it's not true and you are a liar. Oh and uncle tall one is not posting this. Uncle tall one has the balls to post under his own name. not like you or me. catfooddanker is my name and for all you know i just might be richard davis or one of his minions. or i might be bush, duck, likes, annie, dhau, jmdbro, saganaga, aa. Or 95 percent of this board. I might even be billion posting crap like i usually do just for attention. the only pathetic posters here is you and me. hawaii? ft knox gold at age 14? Brawhahahahahah you are so not believable.

      lets review u t o. he worked at star bank for 42 years alongside rd for several years. A stand out at 6'7" tall. Managed a star bank dept seems to me u t o may know rd very well.

      lets review billoser. comes on board out of no where blasting holders of usb. claims he is a savy tech trader living in hawaii and buying gold at age 14. Posts under mult ids with nothing worthwhile to say. brawhahahahaha rotflmao. who is pathetic here? Lol lol lol lol

    • Lol lol lol billoser you sound jealous of uncle tall one and likes2. rotflmao i believe uncle doesn't lie. i believe you do. hawaii, gold bars at age 14 brawhahahahaha lol lol lol

    • Likes2-

      Although I was born at the conclusion of WWII, I have personal experiences at Pearl Harbor. My father was an officer in the Navy '43-45 serving in the South Pacific. He talked about being on liberty in the islands and a local place he would visit during his stop-overs...a little place called the Pearl City Tavern. It's claim to fame was its Monkey monkeys behind a huge glass in the bar.

      25 years later my second duty station was the Naval Communications Station at Wahiawa. Being stationed in Hawaii provided the perfect visit/vacation opportunity for family. Our first visitors were my parents and I was able to take my father to the Pearl City Tavern. The monkey bar was still there. Unfortunately, the place is gone now...last time I was in Hawaii the location was a used car lot...another piece of history gone.

      In '73 Our 'middle' daughter was born at "the pink hospital" on the hill, Tripler Army Medical Center. Last time we were in the islands was 2005 and the hospital is still a beacon on the hill...still pink too.

      Between my family and my wife's family we had so many visitors that it seemed like we ran a tour business. Our 'tour' included the Arizona memorial and the National Cemetery of the Pacific at Punchbowl. In the early 70's Japanese interest in the islands was expanding exponentially. It was common place to see busloads of Japanese tourists unload to visit the Arizona Memorial. They ranged in age from teenagers to the elderly. One thing I remember distinctly was the reverance they displayed at the Memorial. I also remember wondering what they were thinking as they stood in line waiting for the launch. Had some of them been responsible for the attack? Did they have remorse?

      My original enlistment ended in 1974. Although I already had my degree in business administration before I joined the Navy, I utilized my GI benefits and added a degree in accounting spenting the next 13 years in banking/finance. I rejoined the Navy in '87 and retired in 2007. As a vet who served during VietNam and both the first ('91) and 2nd gulf wars (2002-03) and lost good friends to war, December 7th has both historical and personal meaning to me.

      Peace to all.


    • Lol lol lol nobody needs to prove anything to you. you are the only liar on this board. hawaii? gold bars at age 14? Rotflmao your imagination is the only thing vulgar here.

    • Uncle Tall One - I applaud your service and faithfulness to Star/Firstar/USBank. It will be a rare feat in today's work force. I believe you knew RD because if your paths did cross RD would certainly respect your service.

      I am familiar with the AA legend. He is/was a crusty poster, but I am not that 'familiar' with him.

    • Thanks for doing the math on this comment. Obviously the "Chief Board Censor and Policeman" either lied about his age or lies about his investments--most probably both. Next he'll be professing that he "lends" his supply of gold to Fort Knox to protect the US economy.

      I think he is having great fun, at the board's expense, living in his fantasy world of "financial expert" and "supreme dictator" while putting others down--for no real, substantial reason.

      It's true that the world tends to believe in things like elves and flying reindeer at this time of the year, but those things are a lot more plausible to me than thinking that there is a person living in Hawaii who has the ability or the right to project himself as the "one who knows all and can judge all" on a Yahoo message board. I think in reality this poster is a border-line mentally ill person who sits alone all day in his apartment and fantasizes about his life. He gets his jollies from "controlling" others. And if he does have a "real job" somewhere in the "real world," he certainly doesn't have to be very productive, because from the responses it appears that his primary activity is still Resident Critic on this board. And if he is working for a living, it is sad to think that most of his leisure time is consumed by being here. (Several of us who post are retired, so if we fritter away 10 or 15 minutes a day, that's one thing, but working professionals rarely have that kind of luxury.)

      My upfront apologies to those of you who think he is informative and humorous. I do not find humor in the constant badgering of long-time posters--or anyone else. After I had read about Uncle's $38-call for the umpteenth time, I knew I had to use Ignore. Kind people do not hit someone over and over and over about one comment that was made over a year ago. Intelligent and kind people point out an error once, and then move on.

      Today is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Would anyone care to share childhood memories of that day with the board--if you were even born by then, that is!!

      'I have also had physical gold which I started buying in 1979, it went to $850, then when nowhere but I still kept them as a hedge against inflation and financial chaos. I put no more than 5% of my net worth in gold and silver which for years looked foolish but now is payback time. '



    • Who do you think you are to be grading any other poster. you are the biggest liar on this board and post nothing but crap. this is another example of the nothingness you post. what does this have to do with anything regarding usb. nothing.

      likes and uncle tall one? or billose, milacs and fish people? easy choice. losers!

    • USB has ~$45 billion cap.

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