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  • cincyrichierich cincyrichierich Nov 21, 2010 1:49 PM Flag

    If you think Obama's doing a great job, think about this

    I borrowed this from a studious fella:

    If you ever met a man who could put his leg behind his head while standing you have an idea of the verbal gymnastics Olameduck is attempting with this TSA overreach. He is suing the state of AZ for humiliating Mexicans by axing them for their citizenship while he is humiliating Americans who want to board a plane. He wants to make it against the law to stop a Mexican going from Juarez to Phoenix but he is frisking a grandma going from LA to Phoenix. How did we get to the point where Mexicans have more Rights and respect than Americans in America? We are once again kneeling at the altar of Political Correctness while having our privates grabbed by Gummit Goons.

    Why would a President be suing a state for the protection of illegal aliens while ignoring the protection of our own citizens? Of course in both cases it is so nobody is singled out by the use of our eyes using the oldest and simplest ID system the world has known. In both cases you are looking for a person of a certain ethnicity to find out who is the potential danger. This of course is allowing the police agencies to use common sense saving time and money. This would allow airport security to single out Middle Eastern men who are the most likely to blow up a plane rather than waste their time on nuns and grandmas. This also would allow border agents to target Mexicans for potential illegal crossing the border from Mexico which is what they are supposed to stop.

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    • alot of harm has taken place through racial profiling.

    • Part 2:

      This will never happen as long as obots are in charge since he not only cares about Mexicans and Muslims and likes the fact that Americans are being humiliated in airports. He also gets the side benefit of destroying another strategic industry. Airlines are as despised as the auto, oil and insurance industries by braindead libs and doing this during the holidays he hopes will cripple them and perhaps put them in a position to be nationalized. For all these reasons he will enforce the rights of Mexicans while denying them for Americans.

      It is time to drop the PC nonsense and get serious about protecting our airlines. To say that every American who wants to fly has to give up their dignity so Mooselimbs can keep theirs is insane. Even the normal Middle Easterners on the plane know who they suspect as the hijacker and it isn’t grandma, it’s the Islam guy w/the shaved body heading for the virgins. If they want to not be suspected of being bombers perhaps they should police their own to stop blowing up planes, busses and hotels then they won’t be suspected. In a perfectly non PC world we would be putting young male Persians in the x-ray machine while the rest of the world boards safely. No we have to all get body searches so the PC Nazis can pretend Islam is a peaceful religion, ka-boom!

      Until we become serious about our protection we will be making these silly gestures to pretend we are trying to stop these killers when we aren’t. There is no way this empty gesture would stop anything other than the dumbest terrorists who isn’t an Old York Times subscriber. It’s time Americans quit pretending we are little girls and tell these TSA goons where they can stick their hands. We will take our chances with the bombers and tell the goons to get lost. If we can’t use tried and true methods like profiling of terrorists or even admitting there are terrorists then let’s stop pretending and take our chances.

      The fact they are going to cripple the airline industry during their busiest time of the year makes the timing look planned. There is no way obots in the Reich like the airlines who are another exploiter of the masses and needs replacing by mass tran. So to solve last Christmas’ bomber they are making air travel as difficult as possible. Some may believe this is a coincidence but most realize there are no coincidences for these Stalinists.

      Most Americans would rather die w/our dignity than live w/someone’s hand in their privates. We understand they are liberals and this is a liberal solution to a liberal problem so of course it ain’t working. Until they are ready to admit there is evil and terrorists in the world who are Islamic then we should be allowed to ignore these half crotch solutions and get on with our lives. How about President Achmed Hussain Obama respect Americans like he does Mexicans and Terrorists, oh yeah; nevermind. It is time to turn the security over to the Airlines and private agencies and let them profile passengers. If we have to give up our rights to our pants they can give up their right not to be profiled since all but one will pass w/flying colors; unlike the TSA.

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      • Part 3
        Note whoever you got this from is not studious

        The TSA a creation of the cowardly teabags in a classic example of the law of unintended (by stoopid bastids--, us progressives knew it all along) consequences has tuned on them. In their cowardice the teabags stood paralyzed in fear as the deserter and his gang of chickenhawks who let the terrorists strike, hastily cobbled together the largest bureaucracy in history.

        almost a decade after the deserter's ineptitude aibetted the 9/11 attack on the US, the collective pulses of the teabag cowards have slowed, and, as their duct tape gathers dust in their closets filled with ammo and canned goods, they have found something else to complain about--the very agency that they cried out for after the attacks-- What did you expect ya stoopid bastids

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