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  • keebon keebon Apr 8, 2014 1:48 PM Flag

    OT: MAIN

    Smaller, well-thought-of BDC with a secondary offering priced today. Still below its offering price ($13.50) last I saw. A core stock of mine so adding more shares is a no-brainer for me. Pays monthly dividend. Good income stock at a good price if you're in the market for one.

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    • I really appreciate your sharing your ideas here. I occasionally have ideas but for the last several years since 2009 years I have been more interested in the broad index because I knew it had to be up. Boring but correct if I may pat myself on the back. Still I am always impressed when people go to the time to learn a stock's story and I am even more impressed that you share your knowledge with others. Thank you.

      I think there are some angles to know in banking like the recent capital return story for some, not others. There was advance notice of this if people remember what Jamie Dimon said a while back, that the problem was eventually going to be too much capital. I think the recent price increases have been gold to people who paid attention to that.

      And I think there is getting ready to be a big disruption in healthcare. It appears to me that drug stocks are going to beat the labor intensive hospitals and doctors practices as drugs have been slow tracked since 2005 by the FDA and now all h-e- double hockeysticks is breaking lose as people realize that some of this hospital care can be alleviated by a pill. A lot of drug engineering is coming into its own for big pharma, and out of FDA slow tracking and bottleneck, however a cross current is the fact that medicare drug pricing is already rich and that might (should) come under attack. Just food for thought since I wanted to share my ideas.

    • keeb: I remember when you and I were talking about our investments and I first mentioned this company to you. I know that you checked it out and felt you should invest in it. I also remember that billion posted later that your came up with the name of MAIN and I did not suggest it. You made a post correcting him but he never acknowledged that he was again wrong. Well that is water over the dam. I did want to mention that the offering price was $31.50 not $13.50. I still continue to hold this and enjoy their monthly dividends. Good luck on your investing in the future.

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