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  • rreyes2124 rreyes2124 Oct 10, 2008 7:11 PM Flag

    How Low Can She Go?

    $31 looks like an attractive entry point into this fund but I find myself holding back due to the market uncertainty. As I have already lost $500 on an asset builder investment of a little over $1,000, I can't even imagine the losses of some others. I hope brighter days are ahead for this fund.

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    • "How low can she go?"

      She could test the previous low if the Big Three Bailout fails in congress. Why? 40 percent of the imported oil goes into gasoline for autos.
      If you are a gambler, you wouldn't be in mutual funds; so, I assume that you are somewhat conservative. Draw a graph with a EMA 50 day moving average and buy when it closes and stays above that line.
      Notice the close yesterday ($29.98), which is just a bit above the ema 20 day moving average ($29.29) which can be view as support. So, if it drops below the EMA 20 day moving average, the chances increase that it will test the low of $26.21.
      I'm in at $63, $57, $32, & $27 doubling the dollars invested each investment.


    • Was $26.73 the bottom, I sure hope so! I'm in at $63, $70, and all the way down. It has to get back to $40 for me to break even.

    • $23 looks even more attractive however I'm still not convinced the worst is over. I'd rather miss the bottom and buy on the way up than buy on the way down.

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      • Watch the CRB index which includes all commodities while this is heavy in the oil and gas companies.



      • rr - I have been considering when I might re-enter this one... I lucked out and sold just before it hit $70. I have set Yahoo notifications at $25 (happened today), $22 and $20. If we hit all of those, I'll set for three more 'down' notifications. I have in mind to buy when it has three + months and other external indicators that we're near bottom (coming or going)... so am looking for the bottom. ha! I think I'm a market timer... we shall see.


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