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  • absisdeadinthewater absisdeadinthewater Jun 21, 2003 9:46 AM Flag

    Now a tender offer for $18 and change

    I am simply pointing out that if ABS were a well run company, the scum bag bottom feeders would not be around.

    Management has destroyed this company for years. They continue to cut staff, give out paltry raises, all in the name of the company can't afford it, and then pocket large paychecks, month after month. They are sacrificing the little guy so they can say they are holding down costs yet they continue to make big bucks.

    In my opinion, this is the worst form of scam, worst than any tender offer at 18 a share. TRC is asking people to sell at a dollar loss to the current market. Shareholders were asked to hold 5 years ago by management and are now still being asked to hold (or buy) when the stock price is 40 dollars lower!

    Who are the real scam artists? Stock price dropped 40 bucks and they still are pocketing millions of shareholder dollars.

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    • You fail to understand the point. Regardless of the strength or weakness of the company, the "bottom feeders" WOULD be around.

      While you have strong feeling about the company's management and board of directors, it is intellectually and emotionally DISHONEST to justify this "scum bag" blantant ripoff on the basis of the results of the actions of the leadership of the company, however bad that might be.

      I suggest you get better control of your thinking process.

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      • I suggest you take off the blinders. Show me the tender offers that are under the asking price of the stock for Wal Mart, Whole foods, Costo, and Starbucks.

        These are all strong companies that are well managed. They do not get tender offers for under the asking price.

        As I said before, management has destroyed this company. But you can be sure they will lay the blame on someone or something else..

        Like Iraq, the price of gasoline, Mad Cow disease, unions...

        They have fail to accept the blame for not responding to market conditions with any defined business plan.

        They have failed terribly.

        They do not deserve to keep their jobs.