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  • absisdeadinthewater absisdeadinthewater Jul 24, 2003 3:03 PM Flag

    Many more must go!

    Peter Lynch is one of many that must go for their to be a turn around. All the current "leaders" do not have the guts to do what it takes get the company growing again.

    They all want to "play it safe" and collect their pay checks.

    This company willbe dead in the water until top 10 or 20 officers are fired.

    I have walked in to Jewels and Jewel Oscos for over 30 years. They look and feel the same today as they did 30 years ago. LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, IN A CHANGING ENVIRONMENT THIS IS A MAJOR PROBLEM.


    Same store format, same management style, same pricing, merchandising, advertising.

    You can take an ad from 10 years agao and it could be an ad that they run today.

    Throw all the losers out!

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    • Why do you freaks always see the grass as being greener? Removal of the top 30 Exec's? Who do you propose would take over? Are they internal or external? Internal people may be faced with the dogmatic idea about our business that you show such disdain for. External people just bring in an X factor to the business that we don't need now.

      If you think this ship will right itself, stick with it . . . if not get the hell off.

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      • The only way to right this ship for the long run is to promote people who challenge rather than kiss.

      • Many of us have gotten off...we were pushed! no lifeboat. LJ and his bunch don't know the basics of retailing, let alone how to compete in the modern information age. The ship is clearly being sailed into deep water by Pirates, and taking on water as it goes!

      • The Grass is Greener.. You must have your head in the sand like the rest of the officers.
        Wal-Mart started selling groceries 6 years ago and today they are the largest grocer in the U.S.

        How did that happen? Why did Albertsons stand by and watch? What are they doing today to fix it?
        Whole foods, Costco, Meijer... The list of up and coming competitors goes on. All the time, no response from Albertsons upper management. If there was a response, it was too little to late.

        There is nothing magical about what has happened. The environment and demographics of this country changed and Albertsons, Safeway and Kroger all sat around and did nothing because it was the easy thing to do and the officers of these companies did not want to take any risk.

        This company needs someone at the top not afraid to make major changes, some of which will create short term profit loss, but geared toward long term growth. You will find anyone like that at the top of his company.

        I feel so sorry for the associates.. because the only thing any of the officers know how to do is cut head count. They do not have an original idea amoung them and if they did the climate is such that it is stymied.

        One thing is for sure, more head count cuts to come.. and a falling stock price.

    • Larry only knows one way though. Fire others in the appearance of cost control and hire his own sycophants. In this case, Peter's replacement is none other than the toadying sycophant known as---LJ himself. Is it possible to kiss one's own...*?