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Albertson's Inc. (ABS) Message Board

  • absisdeadinthewater absisdeadinthewater Aug 13, 2003 4:31 PM Flag

    We forget how we got here!

    How did ABS get to where we are today? Is it the fault of the employee (most likely union) or the fault of upper management?

    You cannot blame the hourly or lower level management for the current sad state of ABS. You can only blame upper management. It is their job to lead this company. The grocery clerk does not have any input into the direction of the company.

    This battle was lost several years ago when Wal-Mart, Costco and others started devouring market share in the rural areas and BECUASE THEIR WAS NO IMMEDIATE THREAT TO THEIR MARKET SHARE, ABS UPPER MANAGEMENT FAILED TO RESPOND.

    ABS (ABS and Jewel) management, sat back and said (everything is still good, Wal-Mart will never be able to thrive in the more populated areas!

    And that is why we are here today.

    So lets not blame the clerks or the unions. Lets not blame the buyers or the lower level managers.

    ABS is in serious trouble because upper management, with the responsibility to protect the future of this company, failed miserably.

    and that is why ABS is deadinthewater...

    It is too late for anyone to do anything.
    So the Unions will threaten to strike and upper management will continue to collect their big fat pay checks.

    Just waiting for the fat lady to sing.

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    • This is so true!!! But why do we have to let it be this way. I am just tired of these all multi-million dollar corps having the people who do the dirty work get the smallest piece of the pie. While the ones who don't do jack crap get the biggest pieces and have all the weight to throw around to intimidate the little guy!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is why we commented here in the first place to try to stand and make a differerance as the wives of employees but obviously very few people give a shit!

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      • The only way not to get screwed around by "the big guys" is to BE the big guys.

        Anyone who is the clerk, the warehouseman or the truck driver will always be at the mercy of the MBAs, the designated Golden Boys, and nepotistic implants found in every big company.

        The little guy will NEVER get a break, it is just the way a free economy works.

        You are either the wolf or the sheep. Everyone has to decide for themselves which one they want to be.


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