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  • absisdeadinthewater absisdeadinthewater May 28, 2004 8:30 PM Flag

    What Happened?

    I was reading an article in the Wall Street Journal the other day that was addressing the future of the drug store chains. To my surprise none of the following were mentioned: Osco, Savon or Albertsons!

    Yes they wrote about CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Rite Aid, Duane Reade...and even Eckerd, but no Albertsons drugs stores.

    I started to think back when the Osco Savon name was a real force in the industry. Now I realize the Wall Street Jounal had it right. Osco Savon and Albertsons are not players in the drug store industry any more.

    Who should we blame for that? The Pharmacists? Management? Or do we just blame Wal-Mart?

    The loss of position in one of the fastest growing retail industries in the U S. What a shame.

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    • I think Tripp is a good man. But he's also exactly what Boise needs. A yes man. Someone who will implement. When the merger took place you had a guy like Panzer who would stand up to Boise and call a spade a spade. The best and worst thing to ever happen was Panzer leaving. You needed him to go because of the contempt he had for ABS. But he was the only one with a clue on how to run the drug division. The only way to make it work now is to bring that division to Boise and stop the games that go on in Scottsdale.

    • I agree a little with both you and Patriot. I think the Drug division was a force under American stores because American stores understood the importance of the drug store chains. Now ABS uses the drug stores to help them build customer count (or at least slow the tide of lost customers)

      Yes it sounds like Tripp has no directive other than to fall in line with the Albertsons way of thinking. I always thought when you attained the level (and money) a K Tripp has, we as shareholders were paying him to help the CEO and COO make better decisions.

      Sounds like K Tripp doesn't want to or can't take a little heat to get the drug division back on track. Gee another over paid yes man, what a surprise.

      Without leadership in the drug division, this food retailer continues to get hammered by WalMart and Costo. It is so odd, the one advantage Albertsons has over the new generation of food retail competitors is the fact that they had a decent drug store chain, and under the leadership of L Johnston and K Tripp they have traded and sold that advantage away for nothing but a future of continued disappointments.

    • Duh,......"Tell me why".....Because Kevin the Dud inherited the system......As the major drug executives exited the Osco Drug operation after the "Merger", Kevin the Dud, was the last man standing....The exec's who had developed the business took their very generous "golden parachutes" and sailed off into the sunset.....End of story......Kevin has survived thus far by taking orders and keeping his head under the radar.....If your awaiting a white knight to save the drug division. it tain't him.....God save our souls......

    • I'm not sure if one should blame Tripp. I heard he ran a fine drug division when ASC owned Savons and Oscos. In fact Savons and Oscos were in there prime and probably a real force to be reckoned with in the drugstore industry before ABS took over. Those Osco/Savons were real "cash cows," for both ASC and later ABS in the beginning.

      Rememeber, you can't run drugstores like you run grocery stores. Drugstores are much more personal and require much MORE customer service. You're dealing with people's live here not people's apples and oranges or meats and fish. There are no price wars in the drugstore business because all the prices are set the same by the insurance industry. The war is for customers. More customers equal more prescriptions equal more $$$. And the only way to win that war is with excellence in customer service. Cutting labor and technology won't win the war for the customers. And I'm not sure if the president of the drug division(Tripp) who has a budget and directive given to him by a CEO, or COO actually makes that call.... It's ironic, Tripp ran it well with ASC, but not with ABS..
      Tell me why????

    • So why doesn't LJ fire K Tripp? Drug division or pharmacy chain, they are going no where.

      Who should run the drug division?

    • You have to remember ABS inherited the Osco/Savon's durgstores when they bought American Stores some 4 years ago. ABS was in the grocery/food business first. They did not have the slightest idea what to do with free standing drugstores; so they left it alone, milked as much as possible, without actually letting it grow and before you knew it Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid and others surpassed them. There's some animosity, tenison and friction between the grocery and drug side, as there always is. It remains to be seen what ABS will eventually do those Osco/Savon drugstores??

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      • The Pharmacists fault? Since the merger with American stores the whole company dropped.
        We bought American stores, yet American stores has it thier way.
        American stores forced us to drop Zadall, a top notch Rx program and convert to a 1980's type Linux/Dos program that just SUCKS! We are so far behind in Rx filling technology now that I wonder if we can ever catch up. Only thing that the American stores system can do well is transfer Rx's between stores. That's it. The Pharmacy is littered with unorganized scripts everywere since we can't put any unused scripts ON FILE! Yeah I know some of you are like, "yeah, those were the days!"
        I just had to throw that in.

        Yes unfortunatly the "Higher Up's" don't care for the Pharmacy and as for the drug dept, the high cost of OTC's turn people away to other drug stores. I hear that from customers all day long.

        So for us to get back on track, we need to lower costs in the drug dept, get a new Pharmacy system, and NOT terminate the Salary Drug manager's jobs to hourly, less commited workers!


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