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  • capt_alby capt_alby May 26, 2006 9:01 PM Flag


    I know this maybe old news, but it beats posts about Hillary, Bill, George W. and the UFO that landed in someone's backyard. Here we go.

    It must be a real slap to the short hairs for LJ with the selection of top level management for their portion of the company (Cerberus). The very people that were run off, "pursued other opportunities", etc. are now in place to fix the mess that has been created in the past few years. What a massive blow to the ego! Ouch. This would be like bringing your ex-wife back to teach your new wife how to cook. SPANK! Now, are these folks able to move beyond the past and forge ahead with a new, better version? Let's hope so. I am sure that most of these folks would love to prove someone wrong, and in a BIG way.

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    • the only competitor with any type of card is homeland which isnt much of a competitor any more.

    • better check again, they do now

    • Do any of the competitors there have a card?
      I know the Texas stores ran full page ads saying you would never need a card at Albertsons, but after seeing how successfully the card at Kroger and Tom Thumb (safeway) was at taking market share from them and making loyal shoppers they capitulated and put out their own. Some shoppers may not like the card but a card program done right has been proven to increase sales and shopper loyalty.
      By: bigboar55
      Date: 06/01/06 09:08 am

      oklahoma stores do not use preferred card.

    • oklahoma stores do not use preferred card.

    • Stater Bros. in Southern California does not have a card, just everyday low prices.

    • The preferred card was one of the death nails for ABS and if SVU has any sense they will eliminate it. Customers hate it.

    • Is there a store out there who does not have a card?

    • And how much does the current increase in the gross have to do with the conversion of warehouses from profit centers (translation: higher cost of goods to the stores) to cost centers (translation: lower cost of goods to the stores)?

      The warehouse shift in itself should have increased the gross for the stores.


      Not quite how it works. The gross is calculated like for any business as the revenue - cogs. It doesn't matter if the cogs was messed up between warehouse and store as the cogs is net of that. The company could recognize 150% of the gross in the warehouse and -50% in the stores, the companies cogs would be the same. 25% became 29% on a company basis over that time frame - it went up. That is more surprising with the inclusion of the company ran gas stations. Gas is definitely not sold at a 29% gross. Considering how much gas is going for now and the rest of the store gross must be way up in the 30's. The fuel also makes you wonder what the real state of the identical sales are, at least it makes me wonder.

      As for the share in Texas, its fall was cuased by the entry of Walmart supercenters and the preferred card. That was two stakes in the heart of those stores. Albertsons preferred card program is pathetic.

    • The Super Saver ads aren't very good. I'm not sure what they did to the interiors of the stores. I understand they cut the product selection.

      Given the history of both ABS and ASC with box store concepts, Super Saver was dead before it even started.

    • Super Savers are doing terrible. High turnover, high prices. I heard of one store doing @ 240k per week in sales as ABS, projected to do @ 300k as a Super Saver, It only does @ 180k per week. The original idea was to chage 10% less and get 15% more sales. Not sure if all prices are less, but sales definately decreased. I've heard most shoppers shop the ads and not much else. Looks like no one had a good plan to bring customers in and derive sales with quality, convenience and customer service. Probably too many programs from their corporate.

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