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  • edis_new90 edis_new90 Nov 9, 2011 2:33 PM Flag


    Due to Market collapse. Will bounce back by EOD.

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    • Sorry, pal, you must be totally ignorant. Fred Amoroso is a lousy CEO and his little clique have sacrificed the future of the company, here's a synopsis of the trickery this jerk pulled:
      1. Borrow a bunch of money by issuing bonds at $47 a share due in 2041.
      2. Use some of the proceeds from (1) above to buy shares off the open market, reducing the availability of the shares and driving up prices artificially.
      3. Use his CFO and others to spin the whole deal encapsulated as corporate acquisitions.
      4. Issue himself and his cronies many millions in stock grants and options. His net pay is more than 100 times the pay of the average worker in the company and his score for Corporate Governance as rated by independent agencies is "0" or "F" he's not merely a failure in that department but rather, he's a greedy bugger who is raping the company in public and is thrilled about the fact no one can do anything about it.
      5. The main source of the company revenue was almost always the copy protection which has been intentionally obscured and other products which are as of yet generally unprofitable are all late to market or face significant hurdles both in the competitive marketplace or in the lame enforcement of the intellectual property, or both.

      Fred Amoroso and James Budge have doomed the company and this "correction" was a long time in coming. Rovi is toast and they won't be in business in 2041 when those bonds come due - Fred doesn't care because he and his heirs will have cashed in both literally and figuratively, long before that happens. Any investor who owns ROVI right now should get out before things get worse, because they're not likely to get much better any time soon. Like a locust, Fred has eaten his fill and now that he's leaving it's too late, the damage is done.

    • Told you all, $30 was the TOP but you didnt believe me

      Now you all are crying for a bounce to $30. When you dont get it this week, you will pray to get out at $30 next week

      so sad....

      You would have been rolling in free money shorting this piece of s...

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