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  • halichoeres_bivittatus1 halichoeres_bivittatus1 Oct 7, 2009 11:07 AM Flag

    WTF is going on here??

    Flu, flu and more flu all over the news day and night. Large outbreaks in China and LWLL pps is hardly trading at all.

    Did the Chinese all stop washig their hands at the same time??

    There are 1.4 BILLION Chinese citizens that should be washing their hands three or four times a day!!

    WHY isn't LWLL selling any handwashing solutions??

    WHY isn't the pps going up like a thermometer in the mouth of a swine flu victim??

    IF all this talk of FLU can't get LWLL's pps UP....whatever will??

    I say....WTF????

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    • Hey Braniac,
      what's going on is warrants are being excercised. Settle down and quit your whining, or sell. Are they going to do a PR for you and tell you; "Hey we are selling tons of disenfectant". No donkey, the way it works is their earnings.
      This is not a impatient man's game. Go long, or get lost, but stop clogging the message boards with uneducated spew.
      The stock will jump into the high twenties after the next quarter and once the next round of warrants are execersized it can then move on to great horizons.

      To all you donkeys out there that keep doubting, take a hike!
      I'll buy all you have at $0.17 and ride it all the way.

      • 1 Reply to mcanon7
      • You are funny !!

        How can you clog up a message board that only has a few posts....a week!!

        This compnay is a joke.
        How can you NOT make tons of money in a country with 1.4 B population...and they ALL have to wash their hands every day??

        YOU are the joke.

        I am still in this POS since I got in, based on some pumper like you, when the pps was a LOT higher.

        Have averaged DOWN big time, but my cost basis is still too high over present pps.

        As sson as my cost basis is hit, I'm outta here. Believe me.

        This company OVER-PROMISES and under-delivers. The only "harvest" anybody sees is the management team that makes a fortune even tho the pps is STAGNANT.

        LWLL sucks and should be >$1 / share if they had any sense at all.

        This is a PENNY stock for good reason.

        LWLL = POS

        Good luck, pumper!!