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  • irbbping irbbping Oct 8, 2009 4:16 PM Flag

    WTF is going on here??

    intelligent investors should ask themselves, would a typical stockholder trash a company like this poster or a person with a short position, otherwise the post does not make much sense.

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    • Since you're from Iowa you must be OK.

      I have 100K shares left from my original 300K.

      Not a pumper OR a short.

      You can't short penny stocks anyway.

      Certainly not if they're worth only $.18

      Nobody gives good reasons here why the stock is in the sh*tter.

      China is booming and they all are ordered to wash their hands by gov'mint decree.

      LWLL outta be BOOMING, too?

      WHY aren't they booming??

      Come on and give me some ANSWERS!!


      Dickie the Dejected