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  • cu_momo cu_momo Oct 22, 2003 2:34 PM Flag

    don't understand him

    hey old man,

    You going to pull a Don Zimmer on me? I'm not scared.

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    • Hey clown, i was commenting on your stupidity, not your male machismos. It's the same way with all idiots like you, you don't have the mental tools to combat someone, so you resort to physical threats. Old, maybe, but a hell of a lot wiser and more intelligent than you Junior.
      Now go back to your Crayolas and coloring book and let your hostility cool down. Wouldn't want a youngster like to you to develope an ulcer at such an early age. What is it, about 15 or 16. I hope so because any older, and your age would far exceed your demonstrated IQ.