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  • rabmanducky rabmanducky Nov 18, 2004 11:23 PM Flag

    Why is the CFO leaving

    why is the cfo leaving.....for personal interests, but it seems like he doesnt want to stay b/c the earnings are falling

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    • 'think about it. all of these people are coming in the stores returning their older purifier models and paying the cost difference for the new models. are you not curious how they're booking these sales?'

      Are u an accountant? How would u do journal entry for the above example. The ethical and unethical way.

      I am more curious about why the auditors quit. This is more strange and makes me speculate more than the CFO quitting.

    • well here is a few possible reasons, that he is uncomfortable with the way sharper image is going, they are having slower growth, sg and a, and inventory problems. I think he doesnt want to be here and explain the reasons why sharper image missed or lowered earnings. Its hard not to guess that they will have to lower earnings again, they are giving away free gifts, slashing product prices, and they are giving away free shipping. And why would the cfo leave without setting himself a new job, it seemed either he was pushed out or he doesnt want tobe in a sinking ship.