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  • dpetersennmi dpetersennmi Jul 12, 1999 9:44 AM Flag

    Unexpected PR

    Today's Cincinnati Enquier published a column by
    syndicated columnist Bob Greene devoted to the wonderful
    world of bearings and Timken. It's a fluff piece, but
    may raise awareness and bring in a few investers.

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    • Click on the Insider link and check out how the insiders have been buying TKR recently. I hope it means this bugger will be going back up to $40 soon.

    • Sorry for not responding - I have been out of the
      country (Europe). My feeling is that Europe is in a
      recovery mode, but it is hard to tell if that means more
      sales for TKR. Timken, as you know, has a big prescence
      in Europe, so that should help. Asia is another
      matter. China claims it isn't going to devalue because
      they have very good foreign reserves. Japan seems to
      be recovering, and certainly Korea is. The major
      factor still remains worldwide overcapacity in the steel
      industry. Timken does have a special market niche - perhaps
      they should really shrink down to the bearings units
      and get out of the general steel business. Aren't
      they thinking about unloading Latrobe?

      At 15
      and change, TKR seem like a good buy at this point.

    • You may or may not realize that the timken family
      is still actively involved in this company and as
      mgt. not likely to go out unless they want to exit,
      and as a 3rd generation company, that's not presently
      likely. mgt id not the problem as much as the global
      manufacturing slump. TKR is the premier bearing co however, and
      they'll do fine as things pick up

    • There is a long term line of SUPPORT by
      connecting the lows since last October. We are hitting it
      now. It must break this. However, there seems to be
      alot of buy orders below 17.50. Mine hasn't been
      executed yet so I know this.

      BTW the lines
      connecting the top show a wide trading channel. Hope we get
      a pop that goes to the top of the channel. Once my
      buy order gets filled.

    • another tradable rally? Stay tuned and keep your trading finger on the trigger.

    • Thanks. increased demand from asia and additional
      activity forecasted in the oilfield are certainly some
      upside opportunities for TKR. Do they have domestic
      exposure to steel if traditional industries experience a
      slow down?

    • Last two times when it found support on the trend line it reversed almost instantly, this time it seems to be hanging around alot longer.

    • Anybody else been hearing that new layoffs and
      reorganizing is going to come to Timken salaried workers? Or
      it might be more likely to happen now with Standard
      and Poors Negative outlook for Timken. What does it
      mean for the stock that S and P labeled Timken this

    • does anybody know when they traditionally do it
      for this quarter? Their history does not include
      cutting dividends (the last ten years at least from the
      annual report). It seeems that they are taking a long
      time to make the announcement.

    • Are you actually in a short position or are you
      just down on the stock? I am techically in a neutral
      stock position with Timken and I am long term bullish
      but have been trading the upticks a little. I don't
      see how with the dividend that the stock can be more
      that a couple of dollars away from the absolute
      bottom. Being short that close to the bottom is somewhat
      risky considering the last quick run up.

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