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  • carolyne47 carolyne47 Jul 8, 2011 9:34 AM Flag

    His Lordship

    His Lordship , Marica has returned from the magic Kingdom to grace us with his vast knowledge and presence. As his minions fawn over his return not one has pointed out the King has no cloths. The N. America division remains in a state of ruin and this is driven by the total lack of knowledge of Mfg. by the leadership. Wellsville still has Sir Walkers boy leading them down the path of chronic nonprofit, but with Walker's continued backing nothing will get better until both are replaced [ might be hard to find two more with ZERO knowledge and NO Mfg. experience]. Marica continues to rape the organization with the worst supplier quality in the history of industry, ever wonder why he forces long term contracts with suppliers that provide the majority of their products in a state of noncompliance...makes you go ummmmm if you think about it.
    Either the CEO is being lied to on a daily basis or he does not have the ability to manage based of facts.
    With profits down, on time delivery a distant hope, and a rotton supplyer base one would think heads would roll, but of course it must be the strong safety leadership thats keeping their Jobs, oh wait thats in poor shape also ...... with their Management ability they are "Driving Safety" with the same skill and talent they bring to Mfg. the product, Quality, on time delivery and profit ........who would have ever thought that suspending the Supv. if someone gets hurt would not work ............ what IDIOTS!!!!!!
    Sareholders MUST demand Management & BOD change if DRC is going to be in the game in the long haul. In the short term God help the people who do know what needs to be done and are not allowed to do it........... the SOB's in charge will get you if they can.

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